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Megan Fox Gets Mom-Shamed Over Photo of Her Sons logo 15/5/2018 Angelica Lai

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Megan Fox recently posted a cute photo of her two oldest sons on Instagram, and some of the comments she's getting will make you roll your eyes so hard.

The mom of the three shared a rare photo of 5-year-old Noah and 4-year-old Bodhi at the beach in matching wetsuits. But some people felt entitled to give their opinions about the kids' perfectly tousled, surfer-style hair because it fell below their shoulders.


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"I used to think you had two daughters," one commenter wrote.

"Poor darlings they look like they're wearing wigs!" wrote another.

Harsher ones made assumptions about Fox's parenting and blamed her for confusing her children, even going so far as to liken her "progressive" ideals to child abuse.

The response Fox received is familiar to many parents of boys with long hair, whose kids are sometimes mistaken for a girl (though some parents may decide the mistake is not worth correcting). Letting boys choose to grow their hair has gotten a lot of pushback (it's just hair, people!). Kids have gotten mean comments from other children and adults, and last year, a 4-year-old was even kicked out of school because his long hair went against school policy.

Fortunately, since going viral, Fox's comments section has been filled with positivity. Many voiced their support for Fox for letting her sons enjoy their long hair.

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The mom is known for giving her children space to express themselves. Just last year, she let Noah wear an Elsa dress (unsurprisingly, people had some thoughts about that, too). Raising gender-neutral kids is important to Fox, who has spoken out about respecting children as individuals instead of trying to control who they are and how they play.

"It’s not our job to shape them into the people we think they should be," Fox told Media Planet. "It’s our job to receive, with grace, the lessons they bring us. Children are mirrors that reflect back to us our shadow selves, our shame and our insecurities. It's our job to love and nurture the child as they are so they can thrive as adults."

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