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Working and Going Through a Divorce: The Ultimate Juggling Act

Working Mother logoWorking Mother 12/2/2018 Natalie Bracco
Divorce can happen to any couple if there is a lack of communication. © Pexels Divorce can happen to any couple if there is a lack of communication.

Being a working mother does not get any more stressful than juggling a career and going through a divorce. The idea of being a single mother can be quite terrifying to many as a family system is breaking down. There are those women who can carry on professionally without much of a difference while others might need a bit more support. As a working mother it has never been more important to focus on your career as you will be the sole bread winner for yourself and possibly your children if your ex is having issues paying child support. The following are tips to dealing with a divorce without letting it negatively impact your career.

Talk To Your Direct Manager

The worst thing that you can do when going through a divorce that is impacting work is keep it a secret. Managers for the most part will be willing to work with you if you come to them. This could mean more flexible arrival or departure times or even a bit of wiggle room in quotas that need to be hit. If you are a valued employee that has a stellar record this can help your case further as the company will want to take care of you during this stressful time. Set up a time to meet with your manage to let them know what you are going through as this will set up a buffer if your job performance suffers.

Ask To Work From Home If Possible

Asking for a day or two per week to work from home to handle the different errands a divorce entails can be a huge help. For people in jobs like web design they can do the same quality of work from home as they can in the office. With all of the video messaging apps you can even attend meetings that will be essential to completing work correctly. Do not take advantage of this as it is a privilege that many people would love when it comes to working from home. If you do not need to work from home that week then go into the office.

Set a Schedule For The Kids

Your ex and yourself will have to figure out a plan for the kids that is amicable to both of you. The kids should come first when it comes to this schedule. If your ex does not work or works from home this can be a much easier arrangement as far as picking up from school and taking to practices/rehearsals. This will be the first shot that you both have at parenting separately so try to make it go as smoothly as possible. You might be able to find an agreement that benefits the kids and keeps both of you happy as well. A good family law attorney can help arrange something if you are having a hard time coming to an agreement.

An approach of letting people know you are dealing with a divorce can allot you some leeway when it comes to your career. Do not negatively impact your career trying to look strong or not taking help that is offered. Divorce is never easy, do not let it ruin your career.

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