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Car Accident in Singapore? How To Deal With It

ZUU Online SG logo ZUU Online SG 2 days ago Neha Gupta
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Disaster can strike anytime regardless of how careful or a good driver one is on the roads. While no one wishes to be in an accident, it is important to be prepared for any eventuality while traversing Singapore roads.

Here are some of the things to keep in mind if you find yourself in a stressful situation involving a car accident in Singapore.

Assess The Situation

Should the worst come true and you find yourself in a car accident in Singapore, the first thing to do is to be calm and let everything sink in. Once in the right frame of mind, try to assess the situation by checking for any potential injuries on you or people around. The idea is to make sure that no one has a life-threatening injury that needs immediate attention.

In case of serious injuries, contacting emergency services should be the first point of action. If an ambulance is needed, then dial 995. For non-emergency ambulance, the hotline is 1777. If you need police assistance to solve any matter with other drivers involved in the accident, then the right number to dial is 999.

Parties not injured but involved in the accident should stay at the scene of the accident, awaiting the processing of the accident scene. Similarly, vehicles should not be removed’ or moved unless there is someone trapped that needs moving.

The police should be contacted as soon as possible to sort out and take statements involving injured pedestrians or cyclists as well as taking statements from other drivers involved in the accident. The police should also be contacted to sort out issues involving government vehicles as well as vehicles not registered in Singapore.

Take Detailed Photos and Statements

After ensuring everything is okay and contacting emergency services, the next step involves collecting information pertaining to the accident. If you are a victim of a car accident in Singapore, you will first have to assess car damages.  In this case, take detailed photos of the scene, capturing all the cars involved in all possible angles for clarity.

The photos should capture the accident scene and surrounding areas. Similarly, there should be photos indicating number plates of all cars involved as well as damages caused to all the cars. Take a variety of photos, as they will form the basis of the claim. The images should have wide and tight shots to provide an accurate context of the accident.

After taking as many photos as possible, the next step will entail taking details of all the drivers and cars involved in the accident. The information collected in this case should include drivers’ full names, the NRIC number as well as their contact number, home address, and name of the insurers ensuring the cars involved in the accident.

While collecting information, refrain from discussing liability with any of the parties involved in the accident. The fact that you might be in the state of frenzy means you might not be in the right state of mind to settle the accident.

Contact the Insurer

With the photos in hand as well as other drivers’ information, now would be the best time to contact your insurer. The insurer will, in this case, take over the matter and ensure the best outcome regardless of whether you were on the wrong.

If you are sure you are the one who caused the accident, then you will have to make a decision on whether to lose a No Claims Discount, as is the case for car accidents in Singapore.  However, if the NCD is a sizeable amount, you can forego making a claim, especially in accidents that involve minor damages.

If it is something serious that risks safety while on the road, then it would be wise to place a  claim with the insurer for a full repair. It is important to note that failure to report an accident jeopardizes NCD   and could pose significant challenges when it comes to renewing a policy.

Similarly, if you are the one at fault in an accident that resulted in severe damages to people and other vehicles, then you can make a claim against your own insurer at the expense of the NCD. Likewise, if you are not at fault in a car accident in Singapore, you can lodge a claim  under your insurance policy to have your insurance company  claim against the other driver’s insurer’s

Engaging the services of a personal injury lawyer might have to come into play in case an accident resulted in severe injuries or damages. A personal injury lawyer would come in handy in ensuring maximum compensation for any damages incurred.

Take Your Car to An Authorized Dealer

In case a car accident in Singapore results in significant damages, it would be wise to take it to an authorized dealer for repairs. Depending on your insurance policy, some polices cater to car towing services.

While the Land Transport Authority have the tendency to detect traffic accident and send towing cars, it does not mean you should rely on their services only. Instead, you can look for a cheaper towing service that would take your car to an authorized dealer.

If you are not sure of the dealer to take your car for repairs, then contact your insurer for advice. An authorized dealer should provide you with all the necessary paperwork that will accompany your claim to the insurance company.

Beware of scrupulous car dealers that are always on the lookout for people involved in accidents to defraud them in partnership with some insurance companies. For that reason, never trust anybody who hands you a card immediately after a car accident in Singapore.

Car Accident In Singapore Don’ts

Never move a vehicle or vehicles from the accident scene until all photos are taken In case of a fatality or injuries do not attempt to move the person or the vehicle until emergency crews or police arrive Refrain from engaging or dealing with authorized tow-truck operators at the scene of the accident.

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