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GuavaPass vs KFit vs Classpass – Which Fitness Pass is the Most Worth It?

MoneySmart logo MoneySmart 6/12/2018 Eugenia Liew
a woman standing in front of a building: guavapass © Provided by Catapult Ventures Pte Ltd guavapass I absolutely hate working out and that exorbitantly priced barre class that I want to go for is not making things easier. I mean, come on - how can it be that $35 can buy me 3 super satisfying meals at McDonalds, but only 1 hour of exercise?! So yes, as an incredibly lazy (yet vain) girl who struggles to keep fit, I genuinely appreciate the existence of fitness passes. I love that their business strategy is to force me to pay first and hope that I never make it to enough classes to make my money’s worth. Because this way, I will actually try to prove them wrong and do my best to hit the studio after work and/or on weekends. If you’re a fellow lazy girl who’s just trying to do better, here’s an overview of GuavaPass, KFit and ClassPass.  

GuavaPass vs KFit and ClassPass at a glance

GuavaPass KFit ClassPass
Free trial? No No Yes, 45 credits free
Monthly subscription fee for class package $99 for 4 classes / $199 for 10 classes / $359 for 20 classes $129 for 10 classes $59 for 25 credits / $99 for 45 credits / $185 for 85 credits / $315 for 150 credits (1 class = approx. 10 credits)
Price per class (based on above) $17.95 to $24.75 $12.90 Varies due to dynamic pricing, approx. $20
Any unlimited monthly subscription? Yes, $169 to $179 a month No No
Pausing membership Yes, in blocks of 3 months Yes, cancel for free No, need to cancel and reactivate at $79
No. of partner studios 148 613 244
Restrictions to note Limited to 2 visits per studio per month Visiting limits are decided by studio, usually 2 to 5 visits per month Class pricing changes depending on popularity & no. of times you visited
New to this fitness subscription thing and just want to try it out? Sign up for the ClassPass free trial where you get 45 credits to use for a week. That's about 4 or 5 classes or so. ClassPass used to be the cheapest fitness subscription service, but all that has changed. They've just changed the pricing model in Dec 2018, and rates are now closer to GuavaPass. The dynamic credit-based system is also a pain in the ass. If you don't want an anxiety attack each time you try to book a class, the more established KFit is an affordable option. They also have the most partner studios in town. For fitness junkies, GuavaPass might be the best fit as it's the only one with unlimited monthly membership. But bear in mind the visiting limits which can be really annoying if you find a studio/teacher you like.  

GuavaPass (most expensive, but has the most popular studios)

Partner studios 148
Free trial? No
Cheapest package $99/month for 4 classes
Cheapest per class package $169/month for unlimited classes for 6 months
Late cancellation & no-show fees None for fixed class packages, but the class credit will be deducted. $5 to $8 for unlimited packages.
Can pause membership? Yes, in blocks of 3 months ($5 pause fee waived until 31 Aug 2019)
Referral programme $20 to $60
Pricing: GuavaPass is the most expensive of the 3. These are the 5 GuavaPass packages:
  • 4 classes for $99/month ($24.75 per class)
  • 10 classes for $199/month ($19.90 per class)  - 15% off from now until 6 Sep 2018
  • 20 classes for $359/month ($17.95 per class) - 30% off from now until 6 Sep 2018
  • 3 months of unlimited classes for $537 ($179/ month) - 30% off first month from now until 6 Sep 2018
  • 6 months of unlimited classes for $1,014 ($169/ month)
For fixed classes, the cheapest per-class price is $17.95 (the 20-class package), which is still very steep. In fact, it's even more expensive than most of KFit's single-class passes. Since it's the only one with unlimited class packages, GuavaPass only makes sense if you're a hardcore fitness junkie. At $169/month, the 6-month unlimited class package is the most value-for-money of the GuavaPass packages. However, you'd need to go to at least 4 classes a week for the prices to even be competitive with KFit and ClassPass. Unless your preferred studio is a GuavaPass exclusive - like STILL, for instance - there isn't much reason to go with GuavaPass. KFit has way more studios to choose from (613!!), and can offer lower prices without the 6-month commitment. Influencers, take note of GuavaPass' referral programme which is the most generous. You can $20 to $60 credit depending on which package your friend signs up for. Other limitations: The worst aspect of GuavaPass is that you're restricted to 2 visits per studio per month, which is annoying if you have a favourite studio and/or instructor. What else? GuavaPass does, however, have the most lenient late cancellation policy. There is no monetary penalty for fixed packages, you just lose the credits for that class, which is reasonable. For unlimited packages, late cancellations will be charged $5 and you will be refunded your class credits. No-shows will be charged $8 and you will lose the credits for that class.  

KFit (cheapest fitness subscription in Singapore)

Partner studios 613
Free trial? No
Cheapest package One-time pass (pay per class)
Cheapest per class package $129/month for 10 classes
Late cancellation & no-show fees $15 for cancellations not made by stipulated deadline (depends on the studio)
Can pause membership? Yes, non-chargeable for cancellations made at least 7 days before next billing
Referral programme $5 for referral when referee makes a purchase, $20 when referee signs up for 10-class package 
KFit pricing: KFit seems like the most value for money of the 3. They're only slightly more expensive than ClassPass ($129 vs $100), but have the most partner studios. And although they do not have a free trial, you can make a low-commitment purchase for just 1 class to try first. If you like it, you can just upgrade to a full month's subscription ($129/month for 10 classes). There's only 1 package plan available, but 10 classes should be enough for most people (about 2x a week). Psst - check out the KFit promotions on Fave (former Groupon) to save money on your first purchase. Other limitations: The visit limits are decided by the individual studios, and most studios allow 2 to 5 visits per month. Compared to GuavaPass, that's very generous. The cancellation deadlines are also determined by the partners, and it can be from as strict as 3 days in advance, to just 2 hours before class commences. The late cancellation and no-show penalty is $15, which is a tad high, but then again, it's also totally avoidable. What else? While you can't pause your KFit membership per se, you can cancel it at no charge. Just make sure you do it at least 7 days before your next billing cycle. Classpass is currently the only one who charges for pausing your membership ($20 reactivation fee); GuavaPass' $5 is waived until 31 aug 2019.  

ClassPass (credit-based system for those with no loyalty)

Partner studios 244
Free trial? Yes, free 45 credits (5 to 8 classes)
Cheapest package $59/month for 25 credits (2 to 4 classes)
Cheapest per class package $315/month for 150 credits (15 to 25 classes)
Late cancellation & no-show fees $15 for cancellations made within 12 hours of class, $20 for no-show. Credits will be refunded.  
Can pause membership? No. Either switch to Classpass Lite ($20/month for 10 credits), or cancel your account. Reactivation is chargeable ($79).
Referral programme $40 for both referral and referee
Pricing: New York City-based ClassPass launched in early August 2018 and once offered the best deal for a fitness subscription plan. It was the cheapest in the market and offered an amazing 200-credit package for $100/month. Since 200 credits gets you 20 to 30 classes a month, that's as good as an unlimited pass. But of course, introductory promotional prices like these are unsustainable, and what dya know? They've now changed the pricing model quite drastically. These days, you need to pay $315 a month to get 150 credits - yup, that's way more money for fewer credits. Other limitations: The tricky thing about ClassPass is that it uses a dynamic pricing system. You pay for classes with credits, and this credit cost is not fixed. It depends on factors like class timing, how popular the class/studio is, and how many visits you’ve made so far. If you think about it, you can potentially get a lot of mileage from your credits if you don't mind studio-hopping and opting for less popular time slots. Typically, a "cheap" class is 6 to 8 credits, while a popular one - like at WeBarre - can go up to 19 credits. What else? Additionally, ClassPass allows you to bring over up to 10 unused credits every month. Sure, it's not a lot (about 1 class), but it's better than nothing, which is the case for GuavaPass and KFit. The only shitty thing is that you can't pause your ClassPass membership. You'll have to cancel it, and if you change your mind, there is a steep $79 reactivation fee. The only way to avoid this is to downgrade to ClassPass Lite ($20), which gives you 10 credits that can roll over to the next month. Which fitness pass do you use - GuavaPass, KFit or ClassPass? Share your experience with us in the comments below!   

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