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Weekend Part Time Jobs – Students Only Singapore

ZUU Online SG logo ZUU Online SG 15/4/2019 Molly Joshi
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If you are a student looking to assuage your expenses for your weekday studying routine, a weekend part-time job could help. There is no such thing as having enough money considering what comes with attending a school in Singapore.

While starting a small business might be appealing, remember that lots of startups in Singapore fail. Who saysyours would make the cut? Nothing beats the security of a job especially if it won’t affect your class routine during the week.

In this piece, we intend to provide you with available weekend jobs you can apply for as a student that have no stringent conditions for application.

Weekend Part Time Jobs For Students in Singapore

Food and Beverage Service Staff

The F&B industry is huge in Singapore. Several franchise outlets are entering the market looking to cater to the dietary demands of Singaporeans while making a profit at the same time. This gives students ample opportunity to help them make their wishes come through by manning their service stations on their behalf.

Being an F&B service staff is most alluring to a lot of students since they can eat and drink at the expense of their employers in addition to the financial rewards that come with such. Also, you don’t need any certification to apply which makes it a reasonable option for students hunting for part-time jobs. The hourly remuneration for most F&B service staff openings is within S$6 - S$9. 


Most businesses depend on a receptionist to function optimally. And the opportunity is open to anyone interested in handling the duties associated with the job.

Unlike many of the part-time weekend jobs available, the job description of a receptionist isn’t as demanding. In fact, while acting as a receptionist, there are times when you have a lot of spare time on your hands to improve on your studies. And the pay isn’t bad. With hourly rates ranging from S$7 - S$10, you could earn a decent wage over the weekend.

Ad-hoc Promoter

Marketing is rife in Singapore, and the weekend is the time when events of this kind are commonplace. Ad-hoc promoters help out during these events ensuring potential customers are intimated on the benefits of their affiliated brand/businesses.

Students looking for part-time weekend jobs would find gigs of this kind interesting since they only require their input for a short period of time - a couple of days usually weekends. While the hourly rate varies between S$7 and S$10, you could earn commissions from sales made depending on the outfit you are attached to.    


Marketing is evolving every day. While many consumers don’t like many telemarketers and their antics, this marketing strategy remains a popular choice among businesses. In fact, the remuneration is bigger than many weekend job opportunities.

With a telemarketing job, you can get pliable hours for your school runs. The hourly rate of S$8 - S$10 is decent for students looking to make some income on the side.

Sales Executive

While brick and mortar stores might be struggling with their e-commerce counterpart for sales in Singapore, developers couldn’t care less as they churn out more commercial buildings for retail activities. This affects the number of available retail jobs positively. Students and anyone without any qualification can apply.

While it is always easy to settle for any retail job you find, it is important you opt for one that wouldn’t bore you to death. Settle for retail jobs that match your interest. For instance, if you are a tech geek, working as a sales executive for a mobile phone retail outlet isn’t a bad idea. Also, you need to consider the proximity of the outlet to your hostel to avoid splashing the cash on transportation to and from your workplace.

Jobs in this category pay an hourly rate as low as S$6.50; though you can find some with S$8/hour remuneration.

Clinical Assistant

If you have a penchant for following instructions, a sucker for record keeping and can keep a straight face when you see a badly injured person, clinics could always need your help. No, you won’t be bathing a bedridden patient or cleaning up injuries.

Clinics are always on the lookout for people including students that would help with registering patients, running errands and overseeing the scheduling of appointments with a doctor. With an hourly rate of S$8, it is a good deal ifyou don’t mind spending your weekend in a clinic.

Local Tour Guide

The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) annual report suggests that more international visitors are expected in the Southeast Asian country this year. And in getting around, these visitors would need local guides. In Singapore, there are several platforms that bridge the gap between locals within-depth knowledge about the country and tourists. Also, you don’t need any previous experience to become a guide. The flexibility of work hours makes this a great option for students looking to exploit their weekends. ToursByLocals is a good place to start.       


If you are good at cleaning, don’t mind getting your hands dirty to ensure homes & small businesses in Singapore are squeakily clean while you get paid for your work, then take advantage of the numerous cleaning opportunities in the country. Platforms like Fuss allow you to register and work as a freelance cleaner. As a student, you set your availability on these platforms to only weekends so everyone is on the same page.


While not everyone can drive effortlessly and possess the license to do so, it’s a good skill to have. For students that are capable of driving and have the relevant documents to back this up, they can handle deliveries during theweekend for businesses and households that need their service.

Pet sitter/walker

If you love pets, this is the opportunity to get paid for what you enjoy doing. You can help pet owners walk their furry friends or take care of their pets while they attend to pressing issues. Interested? You might want to explore platforms like PetBacker.


In your struggle to bolster your financial capacity during the weekends, it is important you acquire more skills. This gives you an edge over others and ensures your remuneration keeps improving.     


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