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20 great games you can jump into now on GeForce NOW instantly

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NVIDIA GeForce NOW is providing an ever-growing library of games, which has just broken into the thousands, all of which you can access through the service. 

Since the games run on powerful NVIDIA hardware in the cloud, GeForce NOW lets you enjoy these games on a whole assortment of devices from low-power laptops to smartphones and tablets.  

GeForce NOW is making premium gaming incredibly accessible. And NVIDIA’s GeForce NOW Priority plan lets you level that up even more with longer play sessions, quicker access to servers, as well as the most accessible way to experience real-time ray tracing in games.  

In addition to letting you play games you already own in popular game libraries like Steam and Epic Games Store, you can access almost 100 free-to-play titles on GeForce NOW, so you can enjoy a ton of high-quality gaming without paying anything. 

There are always new games and updates coming, too, which you can learn all about on the GFN Thursdays. You’ll find out which games have been added to the platform and can get updates on any new features in stock each week.  

If you’re ready to get started, here are 20 free-to-play games you should add to your cloud gaming library on GeForce NOW right away.


The smash-hit Fortnite lets you outwit your opponents with clever construction, careful aim, and quick reactions. In addition to the endless combat available throughout the game’s competitive battle royale mode, it’s also host to huge virtual events. GeForce NOW provides up-to-date access to the game as well, so you can jump right into Fortnite S8.

Apex Legends 

Loot and shoot your way to victory in this battle-royale spinoff of the Titanfall series. In Apex Legends, you’ll play any one of a host of special Legend characters each with their own special abilities that can turn a fight in your favor or get you out of a sticky situation. When you need a break from battle royale gameplay, you can enjoy the new Arena mode. 

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Get in on one of the most popular competitive shooters ever. CS:GO lets you face off in a variety of classic game modes. Hone your skills and aim in Deathmatch or prove you’re a master of every weapon in Arms Race. When you’re feeling pro, dive into the competitive scene with a team to attack or defend the bomb site.

Rocket League

Rocket League is just quality fun. Pairing rocket-powered race cars with soccer (and a variety of other ball sports) makes for chaotic entertainment in the best of ways. You can enjoy the competitive mode and master passing, shooting, and blocking, or just enjoy some of the casual arcade modes that offer a ton of variety in gameplay.

Rogue company

Rogue Company is another shooter in the vein of CS:GO, but it offers a colorful cast of heroes that bring their own unique abilities and special equipment to the fight. You and your team will square off against opponents, fighting to the death and pushing key objectives to keep the pressure on. 

Dota 2 

Dota 2 is an epic MOBA, providing players with a huge roster of fantasy characters to bring into battle. Teams will face off against each other to take control of the lanes, battle in the jungle for reinforcements, and ultimately take out the other team’s ancient to win the game. With so many characters to master and complex strategies in this 5v5 game, there’s always a new challenge.

Destiny 2

Explore space and a devastated earth in Destiny 2. You’ll take on the role of a guardian, battling all sorts of intergalactic enemies. Helping you along the way are not only an extensive assortment of weaponry and special powers but also friends, as this game provides tons of cooperative gameplay. And, if you get bored of exploring, you can take your skills into PvP to challenge other players. 

League of Legends

Like Dota 2, League of Legends is a massively popular MOBA. Where the learning curve in Dota 2 is steep, LoL is much easier to pick up. However, you won’t miss out on exciting combat, as you’ll still get competitive PvP gameplay and over 100 champions to play as.


Warframe is an epic action RPG that sees you play as basically a massively overpowered cyberspace ninja. It has intense gameplay as you wield a powerful arsenal of ranged and melee equipment and use it alongside special abilities to combat waves of enemies. The game is truly expansive, and you won’t run out of things to do.


Do you like big, nasty monsters? We don’t either. In Dauntless, you’ll gear up to hunt down fierce, powerful creatures and take them out. You’ll get a variety of weapon types to challenge the beasts, letting you work out the best approach to exploit their unique weaknesses. If a creature is giving you a challenge, you can also partner up with other players and take on the creatures as a team.


Paladin’s brings the competitive hero shooter experience to the free-to-play market. You’ll get to play in an intense PvP environment using a colorful cast of heroes. Each character will come with special skills and weaponry, plus you can enhance their capabilities throughout the match to counter your opponents’ team composition. With a cast of 50 champions, there’s plenty of variety to each fight.


Smite brings a twist to the MOBA. It plays a little more like an action game with you directly controlling the movement of your character. And, for anyone who’s a fan of lore and mythology, the game will see you play as a huge assortment of gods, demons, ancient heroes. So, if you’ve ever wanted to see Cupid and Zeus fight Cthulhu and Merlin, this one's for you.


If you turned Portal into a competitive shooter, you’d have Splitgate. This new game lets you go head to head against other players, showing them how good you are with a gun and how clever you are at bending reality. You can create new paths and new sightlines to get the drop on enemies by putting portals on the map. Jump in and show your enemies that there’s nowhere to hide.


Fans of wizards, witches, and mages will get a kick out of Spellbreak. This game takes the battle royale format and applies a magic twist. Each player takes the role of a battlemage. You’ll harness elemental powers, which you can mix for wild combos, and compete against other teams of mages to be the last ones standing. Be sure to mind your mana.

Black Desert Online

You can enjoy a rich MMORPG experience with Black Desert Online. The game has been running for years but receives regular updates and improvements. It’s high fantasy, so you can play as an elf, sorceress, wizard, and a wide variety of other warrior classes that take inspiration from different cultures, like the kunoichi and hashashin. The game has plenty to explore and intense combat to keep you entertained for the long run.

World of Tanks

If you’re in awe of the incredible power of the military tank, World of Tanks will be right up your alley. The game sees you command any of a variety of historic tanks from different eras and militaries. You’ll compete in large battlefields against other players, so be sure to keep your flank safe.

War Thunder

If the ground wars don’t do it for you and you prefer to look to the skies, War Thunder can see you jump into classic dogfighting combat in over 100 large-scale combat zones. While the heart of the game may be its air combat, it includes over 1,900 vehicles for land, sea, and air.


For some quick, knock-out fun, Brawlhalla provides Super Smash Bros.-like  gameplay for free. You’ll play as colorful, cartoon characters with special movesets and unique abilities, plus you can pick up and wield a variety of weapons to get the upper hand in combat. You can play with friends or challenge anyone online.

Team Fortress 2 

The classic hero shooter Team Fortress 2 provides plenty of fun. Whether you want to play as an engineer hunkered down behind your lethal turret or like to sneak behind enemy lines as the spy, there’s a wide variety of playstyles available to suit you. The game may not have the same competitive scene as some of these other games, but it’s great for simple, object-based fun.

EVE Online

Set your sights on space in EVE Online. This classic MMORPG is still kicking with a massive universe to explore and serious riches to be earned. It may not have the same flair as a lot of more recent MMOs, but the game is huge, has tons of space ships to command (or commandeer), and no shortage of space piracy. There’s a steep learning curve, but space isn’t forgiving in real life either.

With so many great games available to play completely free, there’s no reason not give GeForce NOW a try. And, with more games coming to the platform all the time, be sure to check GFN Thursdays for all the latest additions and announcements. 

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