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8 Premium Services Available Only to the Wealthy− What is a 2 Million USD Dinner?

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There are more and more businesses targeting the wealthy with premium services that the general public may find hard to imagine.

For example, a private jet with crews dispatched, a 2 million USD romantic dinner, a private cinema that allows you to enjoy the atmosphere of a cinema while at home, or a personal shopper that will pick out things that you want to buy according to your tastes. Here, we will introduce 8 services starting from the most comprehensible, to the surprising services that cannot be used without a considerable economic allowance.

A “Private Jet”- from crew dispatch to co-ownership

Numerous wealthy people own private jets, but only a handful of wealthy people handle their own jets from operation to management. “Executive Jet Management, Inc. (EJM)” is engaged in the dispatching of crews including pilots and private jet management services.

Many wealthy people do not own their own jets. They charter them as needed through places like “” or “Bombardier”. Also, some companies like “” offer co-ownership.

A 2 Million Dollar Dinner, Helicopter Sightseeing Included

At the Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore, you can experience the world’s most expensive dinner for two.

After enjoying tours of Singapore from a helicopter, Rolls-Royce and a luxury cruise ship, the two of you can satisfy yourselves with an 18-course meal brought out over an eight-hour period while you watch the sunset from the hotel where 10,000 roses are spread out.

The package contains a slightly strange combination of gifts including diamond-studded chopsticks and a custom-made armchair (article from, July 16, 2016).

Protect and Increase your Fortune Yourself with a “Family office”

A family office is a concept that allows you to manage and operate your family’s wealth for future generations without the intervention of third parties. It differs from conventional asset management in the sense that it deals with all asset-related issues from inheritance-related taxes to charitable donations and investment.

Celebrities such as George Soros (Soros Fund Management) and Jeff Bezos (Bezos Expeditions) have established a family office.

Feel a sense of security with “Fine Art Insurance”

Fine Art collection is a popular hobby and investment means for wealthy people. From damage to theft to loss, in worst case scenarios, high-priced works of art are subject to correspondingly high insurance rates. Numerous insurance companies and brokers provide specialty insurance for works of art, but one must wonder how greatly these fees differ depending on the work of art.

Hiscox in the UK also provides services such as simplifying the process of art insurance and provides on-the-spot insurance for works of art under £250,000.

A “Personal Shopper” that chooses products based on your hobbies and style

At high-end department stores and specialty shops in the US and Europe, there are permanently stationed personal shoppers who correspond to wealthy customers. Their job is to accompany customers who visit and provide advice and suggestions when selecting products. Sometimes, they even purchase items on behalf of the client.

Since personal shoppers memorize their clients’ hobbies and preferences, wealthy people can get products that suit their style and taste while entrusting their shopping to a personal shopper.

Whether or not it is because there are also many retail shops that offer free personal shoppers, or because of the many inquiries into specialty services for the wealthy, it is a shame that information regarding the recent costs of personal shoppers could not be found.

As of 2012, a personal shopper at the high-net-concierge service company “Quintessentially” was charging 65 USD an hour. An annual membership fee of 5,160 to 39,000 USD was added to this (article from CNN, November 22, 2012).

California’s “The Shopping Friend” has an hourly fee structure and also appeals to the wealthy who fall in the category of having a little less economic freedom, but one must make an inquiry for more information on the actual fee. It also offers home consulting support from 30 to 80 USD.

The company estimates that it takes 3-7 hours for consulting and 4-5 hours for actual shopping. Doing the math and assuming a rate of $30 per hour for both consulting and shopping fees, you would need at least 210 USD and at most 360 USD.

A “Private Cinema” to Enjoy at Home

It is possible to rent out a movie theater if you want to avoid the crowds, but there are also wealthy people who install movie theaters in their homes in order to have an even more private space.

“PRIMA Cinema” is based in Los Angeles and is a service that delivers the latest or pre-release movies to the home movie theaters of the wealthy and is set up by experts. Popular celebrities such as Ashton Kutcher and Kanye West use this service.

The price of a 24 hour rental is 500 USD per movie and prepayment for at least 10 movies must be made. The cost of the equipment purchase and installation is 35,000 USD (article from, March 22, 2017).

A “Therapist” to Fill the Loneliness of the Wealthy

No matter how much money they have, even wealthy people cannot escape feeling lonely. Perhaps the suspicion of “whether the people around them are captivated by their humanity or whether they are simply captivated by their money” is born.

Clay Cockrell, the founder of the online counseling “Walk and Talk Outdoor Therapy”, utilizes the experience he gained on Wall Street to provide therapy to the wealthy.

“Christmas Tree Decorators” that create one of a kind trees

Wealthy Westerners who celebrate Christmas do not hesitate at all when it comes to spending money on tree decorations. “Dr. Christmas” and “Tommy Williams Design” are professional designers who decorate world-class Christmas trees according to their clients’ preferences.

“Dr. Christmas” is a popular tree decorator for celebrities such as Beyonce, Mariah Carey, Kate Hudson, and Steven Spielberg.

According to the female American entrepreneur Martha Stewart’s website, it seems that the service fee is between 2,500 USD and 80,000 USD (article from, December 23, 2016).

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