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Best Paying Jobs After To Arise After The Fourth Industrial Evolution

ZUU Online SG logo ZUU Online SG 12/3/2019 Neha Gupta
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The world is at the blink of the fourth industrial revolution which many analysts view as a double-edged sword because it will have its advantages and disadvantages. The impact on employment is the biggest concern because a lot of jobs will be lost despite the many automation advantages that will come with the fourth industrial revolution.

A report by Pew Research claims that robots will do roughly half of the work currently done by humans within the next 50 years. Those are alarming statistics because it is likely that the number of jobs available will be very few. It is thus essential to evaluate the market to determine which jobs will be highly sought after.

Post-fourth industrial evolution jobs that will likely pay well

Despite the concern about jobs that will be lost after the fourth industrial revolution, there is comfort in the fact that there will also be some jobs that will be created in the process. Governments and individuals.A good example is how the computer and internet age led to the loss of some jobs, but then it also resulted in many internet and technology-based jobs.

Construction, design and planning jobs

The best way to approach this situation is to think about the needs that will arise in the future, perpetual needs or trending needs. For example, the world is shifting towards environmental conservation, and subsequently, electric cars have become more popular. Service shops for electric cars will become necessary all over the world. A career in would, therefore, come in handy.

Environmental conservation and environmental change will also likely influence our lifestyles. This effect is already in effect in various places in the world including the United Arab Emirates where construction planning and designs are taking new approaches. Such approaches include building low-energy buildings, underground transportation and innovative cooling methods to counter the extreme heat in places like Dubai. Architects and planners for future designs that are not only aesthetically pleasing but functional and well thought out will thus be in high demand. Such jobs might be competitive, but they pay quite well.

Planning important cities and infrastructure for the future will also attract high paying jobs. This is because the people that will occupy those jobs will be tasked with making sure that cities are not congested, road traffic is minimized, cities remain clean, and resources are well planned for and managed effectively.

The beauty of such jobs is that they also create other types of jobs. For example, planning and design jobs lead to the creation of job opportunities for the actual construction process although the pay depends on the hierarchy.

Jobs that satisfy the basic human needs

The increasing population also means that there is an increased need for basic human needs, i.e., food, clothes, and shelter. Jobs that deal with food production should, therefore, fetch a pretty penny. This is especially true for individuals who have their farms, whether large pieces of land or vertical gardens. Food is a perpetual need, and so people will always purchase food products. Increased demand means farmers and food distributors get to make more money.

The same thing applies to the housing industry. The growing population will require housing, and so the construction industry is expected to run full steam ahead. Those with specialized skills in the construction industry will, therefore, have lots of opportunities to make money. Jobs in fashion design will also likely attract high salaries as is the case currently.Most careers within the basic-need bracket will likely continue to exist.

Technology and teaching jobs

Automation is expected to wipe out most production jobs, butt here are critical areas of the technology sector that will maintain their appeal and high salaries. For example, highly specialized jobs such as plant management and technology design will likely continue to exist and also to be highly sought after. This is because there will always be a demand for people who can create or design the next generation of technology. For example, employees who are responsible for designing the latest smartphones or the latest cars earn a lot of money, and their careers will likely be among the few that will survive the fourth industrial revolution.

There will also be a perpetual need for education at different levels whether elementary or higher education. For this reason,teaching jobs will always be available. Those looking to maximize their earnings should consider becoming higher education teachers or lecturers. For example, lecturers that specialize in treating courses like computer science and programming are usually in high demand.

Government and individual efforts

Governments all over the world have identified the need to prepare for the changing market so that they can come up with contingencies or measures in preparation for the changing job market. For example, South Korea has been promoting the development of skills that will help its citizens to be ready for the next industrial revolution. This is part of the measures that the South Korean government plans to implement to support a smooth transition towards an economy that is driven by new technologies.

Singapore’s government is also taking a proactive approach towards making sure that its citizens will not be hit hard by the transition.It has also encouraged its citizens to gain new skills that will help them secure jobs even after the dawn of the next industrial age. The possibilities are endless from an individual point of view. Just like the previous industrial age, the new one is also expected to bring with it a slew of opportunities which will hopefully allow many people to become wealthy.

More countries should emulate South Korea and Singapore’s efforts so that they can avoid being caught up in a situation where there is a lot of unemployment. The best place to start is by laying down strategic measures that will facilitate education, the importation of skills, job creation and job placement to make sure that the youth have a strong support system. The focus on job creation should be emphasized to make sure that even if some jobs become obsolete, there will be others that will help maintain abalance.


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