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How Supermarkets Trick You Into Spending More

ZUU Online SG logo ZUU Online SG 12/9/2018 Molly Joshi
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The trends in marketing have been raised to new levels of modernism. There is a strategy perfectly put in place by supermarkets to ensure that you spend more than you have budgeted. Do you ever wonder why you end up spending more when shopping from supermarkets? Most Singaporeans easily fall for the little tricks these supermarkets play on us alluring to spend more.  Let’s not become the Oliver Twist who always ask for more when you actually don’t need it.

The objective here is to expose some of these tricks so that when next you step into any supermarket in Singapore you do not end up spending extra than your budget.

The Shopping Chart

This is where it starts with most of the supermarkets that you will come across today. This 1938 invention has been used to make the prospects buy more than they had earlier budgeted. The list of everything in stock is beautifully listed on the chart and Singaporeans are exposed to more areas of sophisticated buying that they never thought existed in the first place. There is a high tendency to buy more after going through the shopping chart.

Strategic placement Of High Margin Departments

This is another marketing ploy used by the supermarkets like Secrets Fine Food located in Tiong Bahru, expert in selling French produce. Imagine the impulse buy that you will have when you come into the store and you are welcomed by sweet smelling savor of floral and fresh baked goods at the main entrance of the door? The spirit of an average Singaporean will be high at that instant; with an empty cart; one thing will lead to the other and you will definitely part with more than you have budgeted.

They Place Essential Products At The Back Of The Store

The supermarket owners know that the majority of the shoppers are in their store primarily to get essential products that they need. If these products are easily accessible, then every Singaporean shopper will step back immediately they are through, without checking out on other products on display. Therefore, these giants hide essentials at the back of the store so that everyone visiting the store is compelled to have a view of other attractive items that they have on display. Along the line; there is a very high likelihood that you will pick one or two items from the display before you reach to what you actually came for.

Strategically Placing items To Reach Your Eye Level

Do you know supermarkets charge brands higher prices for placing the products in mid shelves, surprised! Well it is a known and proven fact that consumers tend to pick most items placed at eye level. They rarely bend down to grab an item at lower shelves. Most visible to shopper items are 30 to 40 percent higher priced than the lower shelves items. It is a smart move to trick you to buy more high costing products.

Playing Slow/Fast Music

The popularity of streaming music on smartphones and iPhones is a trend that has been embraced by the old and young alike. These supermarkets know this and they use it to their advantage. When you enter the store and you hear a slow music; you tend to relax and slower your pace listening to the music and ending up buying more. When these smart supermarkets see that the crowd is getting rather on the high side than they can handle; they increase the tempo of the music and the customer’s reacts by moving faster in a shopping spree. This is another trick that these supermarkets use to tempt customer to spend more.

They Give Out Free Samples

When you come to some of the smart supermarket stores in Singapore; you will be met with a generosity that you never solicited in the first place.  Retailers have learned from psychological studies, how a consumer behaves to certain things. Free samples, coupons, deals, posters, pamphlets etc. all work in accordance to not just improve your shopping experience but also tempting you to spend more. The goal is to get you attracted to the item and in most cases, they succeed in doing so.

The Check Out Lines

The checkout lines of the majority of the supermarket stores that you will step into in Singapore are deliberately understaffed. Are they short of staffs for that department? The answer is no! The idea is to make you spend time in the queue; some of the highly profitable items are strategically placed near the checkout counter.  When you spend more time at billing section; you are tempted to pick tit-bits items that you actually do not need.

Big Shopping Carts At The Entry Point

The strategies employed by these supermarkets differ one from another. For some of them, when you get to their point of entry; you will be welcomed by giant-sized shopping baskets to accompany you into their store. The message they are passing across to every Singaporean shopper is that you have the liberty to fill up the basket. As you move along the line coupled with the other strategies put in place to make you buy more; you will be enticed to keep on spending and spending until you end up overshooting the budget you had in mind at the first instance.

Some Of The Stores Go Digital

The majority of the purchases can be even done through online stores using the digital means of transaction. Just by downloading the app on your phone, you are just a click away from making the purchase. Since virtually everybody in Singapore has access to the smartphone; they send mouth-watering promotional deals on your phone encouraging you to take advantage of the offer while it lasts. Singaporeans tend to dance to the gallery and buy more than they actually want.

The above are some of the tricks that the supermarkets of today in Singapore use to get their customers to buy more than they actually budgeted for.

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