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Woman alleges cops failed to help in ‘road bullying’ incident

Free Malaysia Today logo Free Malaysia Today 13/3/2018 FMT Reporters
a blurry image of a person: Kogee-Sinniah © Provided by FMT Media Sdn Bhd Kogee-Sinniah

PETALING JAYA: A businesswoman claimed that police personnel at a station in Cheras did not help her despite her being near the station, and blaring her horn when a car with four young men had blocked her path.

In a five-minute video that she shared on her Facebook page, the woman, identified as Kogee Sinniah, claimed she was on her way home after picking up her son from training at 10pm when she noticed a group of young men in a BMW tailing her.

Fearing for her safety and that of her son, Kogee called the police to report the situation and then decided to drive to a police station.

When she stopped at a traffic light which she claimed, was near the station, she alleged that the BMW had “blocked” her car.

“I honked for a good five minutes and despite being very close to the police station, no one came to help me.”

The BMW finally drove off and Kogee then made her way to the police station.

To her surprise, she claimed that the policeman asked if she was the one blaring her horn earlier.

The policeman, she alleged, refused to allow her to drive into the compound.

“What does that mean? He actually heard someone in distress and in need of help and not one of them came to check on me.

“The men in the car could have hurt me; they could have had any weapon.

“The police were just 50 metres away but they didn’t come out to check on me.”

To add insult to injury, Kogee claims that the policeman reprimanded her and told her to speak “nicely”.

The men in the BMW then drove up to the police station and the policeman who had attended to her walked up to the car and spoke to them.

Following that, Kogee was told that they were upset with her for having driven into their (the BMW’s) lane.

In the video clip, which Kogee urged netizens to share and “make it viral”, she is seen breaking down in tears at various points and said that she was “speechless” and had “never felt so unsafe” in her life.

FMT has contacted Kuala Lumpur police for comment, while attempts to get Kogee for more details on the incident and for an update on her condition has failed.

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