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Best Workplace For Women In Singapore 2019

ZUU Online SG logo ZUU Online SG 12/11/2018 Neha Gupta
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Singapore is home to some of the most exceptional people and workplace culture in the world. The country also plays host to one of the most vibrant and best performing private sector in the region. For that reason, the country continues to attract some of the best talents in the world.

Better remuneration, as well as an exciting working environment, are some of the reasons why the island nation stands out as one of the best places to work. Handsome compensation in terms of pay is by far one of the reasons behind the influx in top talent into the country.

Below are some of the best workplaces for women to work in, in 2019

Best Workplaces in Finance

Singapore plays host to one of the most vibrant financial sectors in the world. The country boasts of local and international financial institutions offering some of the best employment opportunities for women.

DBS Bank should be a top pick for women eyeing employment opportunities in the sector in 2019. The bank stands out in part because of its high-performance culture as well as employer brand. The bank does not segregate on gender when it comes to pay. In addition to offering some of the best employment terms for women, it also comes with some of the best pay benefits and bonuses.

OCBC also offers one of the best workplaces for women in the island nation. In addition to exciting pay benefits and bonuses, the bank is extremely profitable and stable, ideal for those looking for long-term employment. Other top workplaces for women in the sector include NTUC Income, BNP Paribas as well as the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

For women looking for long-term employment, these are some of the best companies to eye employment in 2019. This is in part because these companies rarely initiate large-scale redundancies.

Best Workplaces in the Technology Sector

Singapore’s technology sector continues to attract the most job seekers. The sector provides some of the best employment opportunities for women focused on innovation. Google tops the list given its workplace culture and remuneration that should entice any woman focused on innovation.

The search giant has already set its Asia Pacific headquarters in the country. Impressive payment benefits as well as well as exciting and engaging workplace conditions make Google a top workplace destination. The company is in constant pursuit of the top talents focused on innovations and emerging technologies.

Apple and Microsoft are some of the other top workplace destinations for women with an eye on tech. These companies are some of the best for career development given their interest on emerging technologies. The companies also offer opportunities for minorities to advance their education levels while still working.

Tech-savvy women can also eye employment opportunities at the Agency of Science Technology and Research. The organization boasts of 18 research institutes and a vast community of scientist’s ideal for career advancement.

One can also seek employment opportunities in little-known companies but with massive potential for growth. Some of these companies include Razer, Red Hat Inc. and EON Reality.

Best Workplaces In The Energy Sector

Contrary to perception, the energy sector is not just for men in Singapore. Women are increasingly finding stable and better-paying jobs in the country’s vibrant energy sector. The trend should continue in 2019. One of the reasons why women should eye opportunities in the sector is the level of job security on offer as well as bumper bonuses.

A good number of companies are coming up with new projects for electric car batteries as well as alternative energy. ExxonMobil is one of the top employers in Singapore’s energy sector. The company makes significant investments in ensuring consistent growth in the workforce.

ExxonMobil has also made employee retention a top priority. The company spends millions of dollars every year for professional training thus ideal for women eyeing career advancement. Other top energy companies to work for include Puma Energy and Singapore Petroleum Energy.

For those looking for employment opportunities in the alternative energy sector then Sunseap Group, Solargy Pte Ltd and Sembcorp should top the list. The trio are the leading solar providers in the island nation.

The energy companies listed above stand out in part because they offer some of the best employment terms for women. In addition, they come with impressive payment benefits and provide a framework for staffers to receive additional training to sharpen their skills.

Best Workplaces in the Hospitality and Leisure Industry

Singapore is a top tourist destination and thus plays host to millions of tourists every year. That said the country boasts of some of the biggest airlines as well as hotels and firms in the leisure industry in the region. The companies’ employee women in numbers given their skills and competencies when it comes to hospitality.

One can look for employment opportunities in the hospitality industry in a variety of businesses. In the travel sector, airlines, trains as well as rental cars are constantly looking for women with the best skills in hospitality. Hotels however top as the best workplaces for women in the sector.

Singapore Airlines being the nation’s largest carrier should be a top pick for women looking for employment in the travel industry. Changi Airport being one of the busiest airports in the region also offers some of the best working environment. Other top workplaces in the hospitality and tourism industry that women can look for employment in 2019 include, Singapore Tourism Board as well as Marin Bay Sands and Civil Aviation Authority.

Bottom Line

Companies with the best workplaces environment exhibit unique qualities that always attract top talent. Highly engaging working environment, as well as freedom of innovation, are some of the ideals that make them stand out. Such organizations and companies also boast of high trust and high performing workplace cultures.

Excellent reward programs for top performing employees also constitute the best workplace environment. Companies depicting these attributes also come with educational programs that employees can use to advance their careers. Bumper bonuses in addition to exciting pay benefits ensure these companies continue to attract and keep top talent.


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