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Lee Hsien Yang returns to Facebook alleging that PM Lee has not reached out to settle their dispute

Coconuts logo Coconuts 20/10/2017

Aaaand we are back with the Lee Family Saga! After what seemed to be eons since we last heard about the feud between Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and his siblings (and nephew), the Singaporean leader’s brother returned to fire a new public allegation. Here we go again, we think.

Lee Hsien Yang took to Facebook with a post this afternoon to provide a new update on his family’s shenanigans. Namely, (a) PM Lee has yet to reach out to him and his sister to resolve whatever issues they have, and (b) the Attorney General is currently busy prosecuting his son, Li Shengwu.

Hsien Yang’s post was sparked off by his brother’s recent interview with CNBC, where the prime minister stated that he remained unsure if the highly public dispute that rocked the country in June has been resolved.

Photo: Video screengrab: lee hsien yang © Screengrab lee hsien yang

Admitting that he was sad about the incident, he expressed hope for things to mend within his family “when emotions have subsided”.

Clearly, things won’t be looking up anytime soon — why else would Hsien Yang speak up again about the issue months after both parties promised a ceasefire of words? The fate of 38 Oxley Road (their father’s estate) remains up in the air right now, even after the whole dispute was brought to Parliament. A truce was called in order, and PM Lee shared his siblings’ wishes to stop carrying on their dispute in public and to manage their disagreements in private.

Now, Hsien Yang claims that nothing has been done.

Then, of course, there’s the other issue of the Attorney General’s Chambers (AGC) seeking to indict Hsien Yang’s son over a Facebook post. Nothing has been heard in public from Shengwu since August 21, when the High Court gave AGC the go-ahead to start committal proceedings against him for contempt of court. From his dad’s new Facebook post, it seems they’re still pursuing the matter — that much we know for now.

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