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St Hilda’s Secondary taking disciplinary action over bullying incident; man in corner actually an intern

Coconuts logo Coconuts 14/9/2017

A viral clip of a vicious bullying incident at St Hilda’s Secondary School has prompted its vice-principal to assure the public that “appropriate disciplinary measures” have been taken.

In a statement, St Hilda’s Secondary School VP Tan Yee Leng noted that they are aware of the “disciplinary issue” that transpired on Sep 11, and the students involved have been counseled. “We are also working with their parents to help our students learn from the incident,” she said.

Photo: Video screengrab: bullies © Provided by Coconuts Media Limited bullies

“Disciplinary issue” is a rather restrained description, though. The clip depicted two bullies causing a complete ruckus in a classroom, knocking down tables and chairs while lashing out mercilessly at their victim. The chaotic scene only ended when another student stepped in to steer the bullies out of the classroom.

But netizens’ main contention seems to be directed at the lone teacher-looking-type standing near the door, refusing to intervene. Tan clarified that the man standing in the sidelines is not a teacher, like many assumed — he’s actually just an intern with an external agency. Apparently, the man chanced upon the incident when walking along the corridor and called out to students to stop the fight.

“Since he is not one of our teachers, he would not have the training or authority to manage the situation,” the VP said.

Still, teacher, intern or not, it’d be, you know, ideal to put an end to the utter battering one young boy endured at the hands of his peers.

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