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WATCH: This parking enforcement officer has been screamed at, bribed and attacked; but he’s never lost his cool

Coconuts logo Coconuts 6/10/2017

It’s not easy being a parking enforcement officer in Singapore. People tend to get all riled up when you issue them parking tickets — even though it’s usually their fault for flouting the rules — because nobody likes to reach into their pocket to pay a fine.

Victor Kumaran understands this all too well. The 33-year-old — an enforcement executive with Certis Cisco who’s been with the company since 2005 — has been yelled at, offered bribes and even physically assaulted by furious motorists who happen to spot him placing a ticket on their precious vehicles.

As one of the 120 parking enforcement officers in charge of Urban Redevelopment Authority carparks, Kumaran was featured in the latest episode of The Straits Times‘ OurSTories series, where he shared his life-changing story with the paper.

Admitting that he was a delinquent in his teenage years, Kumaran revealed that he couldn’t get a job after national service — even a fishball factory turned him down for their delivery driver position. Finally, he applied for a position as an auxiliary police officer with Certis Cisco, but the company deemed him unqualified and offered him the role of an enforcement officer instead.

Determined to be “more than just a normal carpark attendant”, Kumaran climbed the ranks through the years, receiving four promotions to reach his current position where he heads a team of 37 officers. But despite his achievements, he remains humble and grounded. Although he’s now in charge of deploying officers and handling complaints, he still patrols carparks twice a month to keep updated on issues that his officers experience.

Watch him tell his inspiring story below.

Even though Singaporean drivers are known to be wary of “summons aunties/uncles”, many netizens came forward to support Kumaran and call for motorists to go easy on enforcement officers, who are just doing their job.

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Others praised Kumaran for his admirable work ethic.

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So perhaps the next time you see a “summons auntie/uncle” patrolling your area, give ’em a break.

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