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Woman complains about parents causing a traffic jam by picking up their ‘pampered’ NSF sons; gets shut down

Coconuts logo Coconuts 17/5/2017

The men of this country who have been serving the nation dutifully just can’t seem to catch a break when it comes to matters of transport. There was the hoo-ha about NSFs in uniform sitting/standing in MRT trains a couple years back, and now a lady has taken it upon herself to vent her NSF-related frustrations to All Singapore Stuff.

In the irate note, she rages on about parents who she thinks pamper their boys in National Service. Some context first — she’s talking about the situation around Pasir Ris MRT on book out day for the guys serving in Pulau Tekong. It’s usually packed on Friday nights with parents picking up their sons around the White Sands area, and she’s apparently upset because of the traffic jams that they purportedly cause.

“Let them be independent!” she exclaims. “Are these boys paralysed? Or need to be spoon fed? Continue being like this our boys will go nowhere!” (Nowhere in life, we presume… or could she be referring to the jam forcing vehicles to remain stagnant?)

She goes on to call upon MINDEF to take action, and wonders out loud why the NSFs don’t hop on a bus or catch a train or call Uber/Grab themselves.

But the best part is what she saved for last — she herself is a parent who drives, and her son is in the army, but you’ll probably never see her pick him up.

Photo: Gramicidin/Flickr: sg-army © Gramicidin sg-army

Anyway, netizens who picked up on the story soon flooded in with their own opinions, most of whom told her to give Every Singaporean Son a break. But really, one Facebook user said it best.

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