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10 stunning Windows Themes to download right now

Photos logoPhotos 12/2/2018

Put your personality into your Windows 10 desktop. Explore dazzling wallpapers, sounds, accent colors and more cool customization.

DOWNLOAD: Lakeside Vista

Take in these idyllic lakeside scenes from around the world. Turn lunch at your desk into a picnic by the lake with this breathtaking 18-image set of free Windows Themes.

© Getty

DOWNLOAD: Lighthouses by Night

Light the way on your Windows 10 desktop with this free, 12-image set of lighthouses under serene twilight skies and against the dramatic backdrop of the aurora. 

© Getty

DOWNLOAD: Waterfall Tour

Hear the roar of the cataract and feel the spray on your face with these 15 soaring images of waterfalls around the world.

© Getty

DOWNLOAD: Stars at Night

Amazing time-lapse photography that blends landscapes like the Matterhorn and Hawaii lava flows with the hidden brilliance and color of the night sky.

© Getty

DOWNLOAD: Birds of Many Feathers

Take flight with nature’s most colorful and radiant birds with these 20 spectacular images ranging from the Atlantic puffin to the trumpeter swan.

© Getty

DOWNLOAD: Islands in the Sun

Escape to your own island paradise. Download 14 free images to your Windows 10 desktop and watch how these islands are transformed by changing sun, clouds and tides. 

© Getty

DOWNLOAD: Stunning Cityscapes

Follow the sun as it visits cities around the world. This nine-image theme for Windows goes from Shanghai at dawn to morning in Perth, Sydney Harbour by day and Dubai at sunset.

© Getty

DOWNLOAD: Rambling Pathways

Take the road less traveled as you stroll through peaceful forest pathways and winding mountain trails with this 16-image set for Windows Themes.

© Getty

DOWNLOAD: Mountain Dwellings

Ever wonder what it would be like to live high and free on a remote mountain? Find out from the safety and warmth of your desktop in 12 free images from Windows 10 Themes.

© Getty

DOWNLOAD: Netherlands Countryside

Take a tour of the tranquil waters, windmills and hills of The Netherlands in this free, 10-image theme for Windows 10 desktop.

© Getty
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