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Food stall at Hougang Bus Interchange allegedly sold a maggot-filled Ramly Burger

Coconuts logo Coconuts 17/2/2017

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Food stall at Hougang Bus Interchange allegedly sold a maggot-filled Ramly Burger Though our love for sloppy Ramly burgers are eternal and forevermore, this bonus incorporation of protein may just be a wee bit unpalatable.

Make no mistake — those really are little maggots crawling around a Ramly burger patty.

Noor Nazera probably had her appetite for the popular pasar malam staple put off for a year at least when she came across the disgusting discovery yesterday evening. She alleged that the wormy special was bought from a Malay store at Hougang bus interchange, though she chose to withhold the name of the food stall. 

In another post, she explained further that her father-in-law had bought a variety of food from the stall — four burgers, six curry puffs, a packet of nasi lemak and a packet of acar buah to be exact. We’re pretty sure that all of them were thrown away though.

Anyway, she was intending to feed her child with the burger, and took off the buns to add some cheese. That’s when stomach-churning discovery ensued.

It seems like she fielded quite a bit of hate from her post too — some folks have accused her of wanting to destroy the stall’s business or that she had kept the burger out long enough for maggots to emerge. Nazera denied all the accusations against her, and insists that she’s been a customer at the stall for a long time too. In any case, she plans to report the incident to the National Environment Agency (NEA). 

But don’t let this put off your regular dosage of Ramly burgers though. They’re not the usual freshly grilled ones you get from pasar malams; the wormy burgers were already prepped and packed. The most likely case would be that the burgers have been sitting on the shelf for quite some time before Nazera’s father-in-law came by and bought them.

Right now, we await confirmation by NEA that a report has been lodged.

In case you missed it:

World Press Photo 2017

World Press Photo 2017

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