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Heading to CBD? Here are the cheapest parking spots in Raffles Place in 2018

ZUU Online SG logo ZUU Online SG 6/12/2018 Neha Gupta
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Singapore’s Central Business District (CBD) is the most exciting place to be. Aptly located in the central region of Singapore, it is the primary business and financial hub of the city-state.

Orchard Road flanks the CBD on the Western side and Sophia Rd to the North. Further, the Republic Boulevard flanks the CBD to the East, and Anson to the South. Interestingly, all these are prime locations for shopping, and parking!

Being a business and financial district, the region makes up for one of the most visited places in the country. Further, the CBD has a slew of A-list clubs and high-end bars alongside fine cuisine locations. In light of this, getting a parking space in the CBD is difficult at any point in time.

However, going to the CBD is not an option especially for Singaporeans who work in the many businesses there. Further, you could be having an important meeting in one of the posh restaurants. Whatever the case, you will need to conduct the business in the CBD and you will need somewhere for parking.

Raffles Place

Formerly called Commercial Place, Raffles Place is a prime location with playing host to important shopping spots. Further, Raffles Place is a favourite for banking institutions. For instance, the location hosts Overseas Union Bank, Raffles Tower/Shell Tower, and the Shenton Way. Interestingly, Shenton Way was better known as the Wall Street of Singapore back in the 1980s. To cap it all, Raffles Place is a historical site recognised by the National Heritage Board.

Interestingly, the prestige that the place holds led to a very high rate of parking. However, even the parking spots are in short supply. This is not to say that one cannot find a location to park. In particular, there are locations around Raffles Place that have plenty of space for parking.

After having known the places to park your vehicle, it is important to know where exactly you can afford. Already, most of the services in the location are very expensive. It would be a relief on your pocket to get a place that is easy on your pocket. In this light, below are some of a few places you can cheaply park while in Raffles Place.

One Raffles Quay

Given the prestige at of the Raffles Place, getting cheap deals for parking is rare. However, One Raffles Quay stands out as a spot that is easy on the pocket. The office building complex offers thousands of square feet in parking space.

The facility’s pricing is the standard one where you pay different rates depending on the time of day. On weekdays, you will pay $1.18 per every 10 minutes from 6 am to 6pm. Well, this may seem quite a prohibitive rate but considering the location and the prestige, this is affordable.

From 6pm, you will pay $3.21 for the first four hours. After those four hours, you will pay $0.30 for ten minutes subsequently.

Interestingly, the facility maintains the same rates for Saturday as for the period from 6pm on weekdays. However, Sunday and public holidays have different rates. Particularly, you will pay $3.21 for the first four hours. Later, you will pay $0.30 for subsequent 10 minutes from 6am to 6am the following day.

Therefore, the difference is that you have more hours for parking than the other days. However, the facility maintains a monthly package that may seem a little too high but good if you can afford. Normally, it allows $480 per month although without any grace period.

Clifford Centre

Clifford Centre makes up a few of parking spots conveniently situated with Raffles Place. Interestingly, the location is just a stone’s throw away from the Raffles Place MRT Station. Further, the spot is conveniently close to various bus stations like Bus Stop Clifford Pier - 03019.

Convenience aside, Clifford centre offers one of the cheapest parking spaces in the whole of Raffles Place. However, the rates may not be competitive for one used to spots far outside the Singapore CBD.

In particular, you will pay $2.50 for every thirty minutes from 7am to 5pm on weekdays. Further, every single entry from 5pm onwards to 12 midnight will attract $3.00 each. The same rate applies for the period from midnight to 7am in the morning of the following day.

During the weekends, you will be surprised because the rates are the same as for the weekdays. However, the parking space does not open on Sundays and during public holidays. Also, the park may sometimes close down for the day at 11 pm from Monday to Saturday.

8 Shenton Way

Once you get to Raffles Place, locating Shenton Way is as easy as finding your way to your mouth in darkness. One of the tallest buildings in the precinct, you will first see Shenton Way any other building. Further, the area is popular as a replica of New York’s Wall Street.

The building is also a prime location for parking spot. Surprisingly, the parking rates are low and very much affordable. The spot is very important because serves much of Raffles Place, a city within a city.

At the parking spot, you will pay S$2.30 for every thirty minutes from 7am to 6pm on weekdays. Further, if you came later than 6pm, you pay a fixed parking fee of S$2.80 per entry.

Also, the facility maintains a flat rate of S$2.30 per 30 minutes from 7am to 1pm on Saturday. From 1 pm to 6.59am the following day, you will fork out a fixed fee of $2.80 per entry. However, Sunday and public holidays enjoy the most friendly fees. You will only need to pay a flat fee of S$2.80 for each entry from 7am to 7am the following day.

Obviously, the parking fees from all the three locations are high in the context of areas far from Raffles Place. Like earlier mentioned, this location is prestigious in terms of the businesses that operate there.

In addition to the few places highlighted here, there are other parking spots with manageable fees. They include Overseas Union Bank Plaza, Republic Plaza and Burlington Square.


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