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Man finds steel mesh in coffee shop meal, supervisor says, “You’re not the first one”

The Independent logo The Independent 13/1/2021 Anna Maria Romero
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Singapore—A man took to social media on Tuesday (Jan 12) to warn others that he had found a piece of steel mesh in a meal bought from a Serangoon North Avenue coffee shop, adding that he had already lodged a complaint to the Singapore Food Agency (DFA) and the National Environment Agency (NEA).

Although he had approached the management of the coffee shop, he had not been shown any concern.

Mr Thomas Koh posted photos on the COMPLAINT SINGAPORE Facebook page, including one of the piece of steel mesh that was over five centimetres long.

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He also put up a photo of the steel mesh with the receipt from his meal, which showed that the incident occurred on Jan 11 (Monday) at 47 Serangoon North Ave 1(金味海鲜) at the Choh Dee Place coffee shop.

Mr Koh wrote in his post that he had gotten choked by “a 5.5 cm stainless steel mesh” that he found in his dinner, adding that it “had almost killed” him.

He described the incident clearly.

“I felt a sharp pain in my throat and tried forcing it out but didn’t succeed as it’s hooked and luckily, i managed to pull it out instead.”

He then wrote that he confronted the store supervisor “out of good will hoping that they will be more careful.”

But he said he was “treated in an unacceptable manner,” being told that “IT’S BOUND TO HAPPEN… And even worse…  She said… YOU ARE NOT THE FIRST ONE… Her attitude was so rude and unprofessional that any food operator should have…..”

Mr Koh said that he had not intended to seek financial compensation for the incident, but approached the store staff in the hope that they would take greater care with their food preparation.

“I didn’t demand for any compensation at all.. It’s all out of good will wanting to remind them to be more careful..but her words are all I’ve got” he wrote.

“Dear all… Do i deserve from her this kind of attitude?

Dear singaporeans

You be my judge..”

He then appealed to readers to share his post for them to be careful when they order meals.

In a comment to the post, he added, “We need to create awareness.. Imagine if young and elderly encounter this… It would be deadly.. Thanks in advance.”

Other commenters to his post surmised that the piece of steel mesh may have come from a cleaning implement, and encouraged everyone to eat slowly and spread their food out in order to see if there are any foreign objects in their meals.



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