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Netizens forecast that General Elections “will NOT be in September 2019”

The Independent logo The Independent 14/8/2019 Obbana Rajah
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Despite no official confirmation from the Elections Department Singapore (SLD), following the circulation of a rather dubious-looking chain message on Whatsapp Messenger, netizens have taken to give their two cents on the elections date.

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One netizen, Vincent Ng, came up with the following reasons, all subject to one’s discretion.

He cites the following:

“The next parliamentary meeting is in early September 2019, Boundaries drawings NOT announce (sic) yet, F1 Race (Sept)”.

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Mr Ng also says, “WP Town Council court case NOT yet concluded, Leong SH court case NOT yet finalized, NO political party has NOT line up any new faces yet for this GE, NO political party is aggressively diligently doing Walkabout n house visit intensively”.

Based on previous elections, others have also speculated that elections are likely either in April, May, August or September next year.

Another reason why elections are likely later rather than sooner: A committee that reviews the boundaries of electoral wards, one of the most telling signs an election is near, has not been appointed.

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Last month, Workers’ Party chief Pritam Singh had asked Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong if the Electoral Boundaries Review Committee had been formed or when it will be set up.

Minister for Trade and Industry Chan Chun Sing, answering on behalf of PM Lee, said: “The Prime Minister has not yet appointed the Electoral Boundaries Review Committee.”

The formation of the committee which looks at demographic changes to decide on the demarcation of electoral wards is a strong sign that a general election is around the corner. The committee has typically taken between two and seven months to release its report.

Until then, speculation ensues. /TISG

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