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Oh nothing, just a motorcycle pillion rider spotted wearing a rice cooker pot instead of a helmet

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Apologies, we can’t offer any more insight into this than you can. A pillion rider of a motorbike was caught donning a newfangled safety gear: an advanced motorcycle helmet prototype. Oh, wait, it’s just an aluminum rice cooker pot worn on her head.

Judging from the scratches, the pot doesn’t even look brand new. Also, isn’t it going to be super hot wearing that on your head under the Singapore sun?

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The Facebook page had no further details to provide alongside the photo that was shared earlier today, but it’s hilarious nonetheless. It is, of course, mandatory for motorcyclists and pillion riders to wear proper helmets. Not just any helmet either — it has to conform to Singapore safety standards. Unless the used rice cooker pot is affixed with an approved label, then we’d say that the lady is definitely breaking the law.

Not to mention severely risky. Motorcycle riders are more prone to serious injuries in accidents, and as anyone would know after undergoing lessons to get their Class 2B License here, proper helmets are the only thing preventing your brains from getting splattered on the road.

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