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Pritam Singh says “sparks will fly” come elections

The Independent logo The Independent 24/3/2020 Hana O
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Singapore – Workers’ Party (WP) leader, Pritam Singh, admitted that come elections, “sparks will fly”, and “staring competitions” would happen between the People’s Action Party (PAP) and WP regarding policies, yet continued to urge everyone to forward their concerns amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mr Pritam took to Facebook on Monday (Mar 18) to express his “Covid-19 Reflections.” He wrote about his recent meetings with private-hire bus drivers facing difficulties and that he received a reply from Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat on their feedback and requests. “I hope to update you on positive outcomes at a later date,” said Mr Pritam.

In response to the upcoming ministerial statement of Mr Heng, “I doubt the Government will share its measures with WP MPs beforehand, but I will join the debate with points I have from ground feedback,” Mr Pritam noted.

“Crises often bring moments of reflection,” said the party leader and added that Covid-19 had given them a chance and opportunity to look past their political role as a check and balance in Parliament and to continuously search for ways to help the public get through the crisis.

Mr Pritam shared that “WP members, volunteers and me included are constantly asking ourselves – ‘what more can we do?'”

He used this moment to urge everyone not to hesitate in speaking to their WP MPs regarding personal or industry-specific concerns, as how he’s done with the private-hire bus drivers. Having been an MP for almost eight years, Mr Pritam disclosed that they’ve helped residents with numerous issues such as job losses, bank assistance, property repossessions, asset disputes and many more. “Residents have shared their fears and woes with us, and thankfully, in many cases, help was rendered.”

When the elections are held, Mr Pritam is expecting “sparks will fly, and there will be a lot of, erm, how do I put this…’staring competitions’ between the PAP and WP,” although this is the reality of politics that should never deter any candidate from their core vision, he added.

Members of the public expressed their support and are hopeful that more opposition parties are given a seat in Parliament after the elections.

a screenshot of a cell phone: Photo: FB screengrab/ Pritam Singh

Photo: FB screengrab/ Pritam Singh
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COVID-19 Reflections ——————————Last week I wrote about the challenges faced by private-hire bus drivers in this…

Posted by Pritam Singh on Monday, March 23, 2020

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