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Radio DJ apologizes for dropping spoilers of ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ during press conference

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When speaking face-to-face with the cast and crew of the biggest movie franchise in the world — the very people responsible for a billion-dollar global phenomenon — it *would* make sense to at least know their past work before interviewing them.

Kiss92 radio deejay Jill Kimberly Lim didn’t seem to do so and consequently embarrassed herself (and probably brought a bad rep to Singapore) in front of the actors, director and producer of Avengers: Infinity War on Sunday, during a press conference at Marina Bay Sands.

How badly did she do? Pretty bad.

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The context is this. On April 15, Marvel Studios held a huge press con at MBS with heavy hitters from their superhero roster: Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man), Benedict Cumberbatch (Doctor Strange), and Karen Gillan (Nebula). Infinity War director Joe Russo and executive producer Trinh Tran came along for the ride as well.

All had been going well until Lim got hold of the microphone and chirpily asked some questions that showed that she might not have watched previous Marvel flick Captain America: Civil War — or at least forgot an important plot device. It sounds like she managed to watch exclusive footage from Infinity War the night before, and brought up some possibly serious spoilers in her queries. There’s a reason why HBO Asia removed her question entirely from their own recorded footage of the press conference.

After the nine-minute mark in this Channel NewsAsia clip, you can hear the part where Lim gets dragged through the mud by Russo himself, who didn’t hesitate in throwing some serious shade. For good reason too, because (a) Lim didn’t do her homework and (b) she just dropped some heavy spoilers about the upcoming movie, the storyline of which is supposed to be kept tightly under wraps.

Following Lim’s question, the clearly ruffled Russo had to remind interviewers that “Thanos demands your silence” — a nicer, movie-related reminder for everyone to shut up on the spoilers. Oof.

“Clearly I got overexcited”

In the aftermath, Lim had no choice but to respond to the backlash she’s been receiving for upsetting not only Marvel fans but the very people working at Marvel Studios themselves. In a clip posted on the Kiss92 Facebook page, the embarrassed deejay apologized for spoiling the movie, explaining that she just got “overexcited” when she got the chance to speak. Still, she semi-defended her actions by saying: “If you thought what I said was spoilers, you totally have not seen anything yet”, referencing the fact that, yes, she has watched the movie already.

Nonetheless, she admitted that she failed “epically”. Right before showing the very clip of her spoiling the movie for everyone. In better video and sound quality.

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