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Reckless woman driver captured on video driving against traffic

The Independent logo The Independent 6 days ago Anna Maria
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Singapore—It’s hard to determine what the young woman in a white dress was thinking of when she drove the wrong way into traffic on Friday night, September 6.

Quick-eyed netizens quickly posted video clips of the young woman on two public Facebook groups, Singapore Road Accident and By Friday night, both clips had gone viral and reached thousands of shares.

In the clip shared by Singapore Road Accident, the young woman alights from her vehicle, a black Mercedes Benz, and seems to get into an argument with a pedestrian, wherein she can be heard cursing in Hokkien.

The video then cuts to where she goes into the main road headed against traffic, first making her way slowly and then speeding up.

The video on shows the car the woman was driving at a standstill, while the car whose lane she occupies and who has the right of way, manoeuvres around her and tries to get around her.

The clip was uploaded by netizen Benjamin Tan, who wrote:

“This crazy female Mercedes driver of SLA6055E was probably intoxicated. Pedestrians knocked on her door multiple times warning her but she ignored them. Front white car also tried to block her but to no avail. She was determined to drive her car towards South Bridge Road in this one-way road (Upper Cross Street) in front of Hotel 81. She sped off all the way against traffic after passing my car.”

In the video, the woman’s vehicle is surrounded by concerned and curious onlookers, some of whom look like they’re trying to help her out, while others simply observe.

To make matters worse, posted a screenshot that showed that the road tax of the Mercedes Benz had also expired in July 2019, without renewal. The caption read, “Now we’re doubtful if there is any valid car insurance at this time.”

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According to the police, they received an alert to a case of dangerous driving in Upper Cross Street in the direction of South Bridge Road at 10:24 pm on Friday.

Media outfit reported that the woman is assisting with investigations, quoting the police as saying, “On 6 September 2019 at 10.24pm, the Police were alerted to a case of dangerous driving along Upper Cross Street towards South Bridge Road. No injuries were reported. A 32-year-old woman is assisting with Police investigations.”

Netizens reacted to the woman’s reckless behavior, with some saying she should get her licensed revoked for several years.

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Several were outraged that while she was at fault, she still cursed the onlookers.

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Some suggested that she could possibly be drunk.

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Others expressed sympathy at how crazy road conditions can get.

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