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SDP’s Chee Soon Juan shares flashback to ‘Chee-sy Mashed Potatoes through the years’

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Chee Soon Juan, Chee Soon Juan posing for a photo © The Independent Singapore

Singapore – Singapore Democratic Party chief Chee Soon Juan continues a tradition of selling “Chee-sy Mashed Potatoes” to raise funds, albeit this year, he’s alone as he shared his wife is in the hospital.

On Wednesday (July 29), Dr Chee took to Facebook to share a few photos of a tradition he has shared with his family.

“We’ve been selling Chee-sy Mashed Potatoes through the years to raise funds for the SDP,” said Dr Chee. However, this year, things are a little different as he would be doing it alone, without his wife Ms Huang Chih-Mei, who is currently in the hospital and couldn’t make it to the event.

“No worries, she’s recovering,” added Dr Chee. “Just a little odd not having her around."

He included a photo of a young-looking Dr Chee and Ms Mei serving their trademark dish back in 2012. As this was a family-run endeavour, he noted that the kids had a hand in the marketing side of the business and designed their poster. “In case you’re wondering, the apron I was wearing then is the same one I have now – it says ‘Taste for Justice,’ shared Dr Chee.

In a previous post, Dr Chee uploaded a video of him introducing himself as Gordon Ramsey and teaching viewers how to make kaya toast. The video was a fundraising initiative for the SDP’s Bukit Batok grassroots campaign. He explained that every dollar earned would go to the building and running of the campaign over the next few years.

“Please support the BB, Here I Stand grassroots campaign,” said Dr Chee in his post. Chee-sy Mashed Potatoes, which come in 900ml tubs, are available for door-to-door delivery costing S$40 each and paired with a complimentary copy of the SDP manifesto.

The post has over 6,900 reactions to date, with members from the online community wishing Ms Mei a quick recovery and expressing their support for the family’s efforts, even from those that don’t live in Bukit Batok.

“This is by far the honest way to earn donation,” shared Facebook user Latiff Redondoboy II.

“Having the man himself whipping and mixing the mash and cheese itself is straight-up honest and sincere,” the netizen commented.

a screenshot of a cell phone: Photo: FB screengrab/Chee Soon Juan 徐顺全

Photo: FB screengrab/Chee Soon Juan 徐顺全
© The Independent Singapore

We've been selling Chee-sy Mashed Potatoes through the years to raise funds for the SDP. Mei has always been there doing…

Posted by Chee Soon Juan 徐顺全 on Wednesday, 29 July 2020


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