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Singaporeans owe an NDP 2018 performer a punch in their arms after falling for his Circle Game on TV

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a close up of a person: Photos: @PrinceHadri / Twitter Photos: @PrinceHadri / Twitter

Welp, you got us all, Hadri. One of the National Day Parade performers who had some significant screen time on live TV last night took the opportunity to play the Circle Game, and man, do we all owe him big time.

For the unschooled, the schoolyard game (which started way back in the early ‘80s) involves someone making a circle with their forefinger and thumb, and hold it below waist-level. Anyone who gets a glimpse of the circle loses, and the penalty is that the circle-maker gets to punch the circle-looker in the arm. Juvenile, fun stuff.

Thanks to a Malcolm in the Middle episode, the game got popularised in the 2000s, and it grew in popularity once again in recent years thanks to internet memes. Twitter user and living legend @PrinceHadri, however, took the game to a whole new level when he played it on live TV when hundreds of thousands of people were tuned in to watch the National Day celebrations. Really, major props to the dude.

Even after the parade was over, Hadri wasn’t done. He elevated the game to presidential status when he whipped out the circle once again, this time right in front of President Halimah Yacob. Dude is *savage*.

In case Hadri ever comes to collect what he owes, the best way to ward him off is by holding up this highly relatable sign that held up yesterday at the parade.

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