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Social distancing with a difference: So near and yet so far?

The Independent logo The Independent 6 days ago Beatrice Del Rosario

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a person sitting at a table © The Independent Singapore

Someone has shared a photo on Reddit, an online news forum, of what appears to be a social distancing measure in the Panasonic Singapore canteen.

The person, with the handle @takeawayla, on Tuesday (March 24) shared a photo of what seemed to be a canteen with people eating at tables partitioned by boards.

The measure seemed to have given people their own personal space, as the partitions  were high enough to cover the faces of those seated at the tables.

Panasonic Singapore’s canteen to promote social distancing. from singapore

As the Ministry of Health (MOH) has advised, social distancing measures are being implemented in Singapore.

For example, on Tuesday (March 24), in an effort to upscale the social distancing measure in its stores, NTUC FairPrice said it would have a Priority Shopping Hour for Pioneer Generation card holders, pregnant women and Persons with Disabilities.

As large companies have many employees, it is of utmost importance that they enforce such measures to ensure their safety.

The post received quite a bit of praise, particularly from people who classify themselves as “introverts”. As the social distancing measures now being implemented all around the world are what many introverts prefer, such as eating away from other people and having a clearly defined sense of personal space, quite a handful flocked to the comments section of the post to express their enthusiasm for seeing other people do such a thing.

Calling the sight an “introvert’s dream come true”, they encouraged people to put up such partitions “everywhere”.

a screenshot of a social media post: Photo: Screengrab from Reddit comments section / r / Singapore

Photo: Screengrab from Reddit comments section / r / Singapore
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