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Frequent flyers share their worst onboard experiences.

Mamamia logo Mamamia 27/4/2016 Katy Hall
Rachel McAdams starring in Red Eye, a thriller film in which a woman is kidnapped by a stranger on a routine flight. © REX/Shutterstock Rachel McAdams starring in Red Eye, a thriller film in which a woman is kidnapped by a stranger on a routine flight.

Forget lukewarm food and turbulence, the real terror of air travel is far worse than the average traveller could have ever imagined.

Frequent flyers see the inside of a plane far more often than the rest of us, and so it’s no surprise they’ve run into some pretty horrible happenings.

They are also happy to share their pain.

Reddit user goberkfell asked: “What’s the WORST experience you’ve had at an airport or on an airplane?”

Being the premiere chat forum for people who love to over share, it wasn’t long until users from around the world began to chime in with tales hilarious as they were horrific.

From seat spillers to ridiculously long delays, onboard animals and untimely deaths, there's nowhere this thread didn't go.

"I was on final approach to [Montreal] with my sister on a British Airways 747 when we hit a flock of geese. Our plane took in over 100 geese," wrote Danimac44.

With all engines on fire, alarms going off and the cabin preparing for a crash, the plane was "in the air for another 15 mins when we saw all the fire trucks waiting for us. We had made peace with the fact that we were going to die in those 15 mins. Then what NO ONE wants to hear, "Everyone brace for impact, brace for impact!" We had no power, and the cabin was filling with smoke. We landed, fireman basically stormed the plane like navy seals, and all 141 souls were off that plane in mere moments!"

For psycht, the problem wasn't so much the flight itself, but rather the food poisoning they'd picked up before boarding.

After being hit with a wave of sweat upon leaving the tarmac, psycht ran to the toilet and began vomiting. Moments later though, "I opened my eyes to realize I was on the floor and had passed out (how did I even fit on the floor is still a mystery). It took me a second or two to realize I was still on the airplane and not sure how long I was out."

Tragically, that's not the worst part of the story.

"Most of the vomit was in the toilet and I had managed to think I was ok and tidy'd up a bit, go to my seat and wait it out till we landed (still on the tarmac at this point). When I sat down, I felt a squish in my pants."

Thankfully, the flight attendants had stepped in by this point and ordered the plane back to the terminal, where paramedics were waiting to take over and help the seriously sickly traveller out.

To be honest though, the worst flying experience award definitely goes to docpleasure18, who wrote, "Flight from Michigan to Florida, pretty short flight. Guy next to me warns me he sometimes gets sick from flying. I fell asleep and woke up to him projectile vomiting all over me. I was in the window seat and it went all up the walls of the plane and entire plane smelled putrid."

We would understand if they never wanted to fly again after that experience.

Some people 's problems weren't quite on the same level though.

Sharing a problem that is very real for all of us, DongLaiCha wrote, "One time they were out of Dom in first class and I had to settle for a glass of Veuve".

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