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Boynton Beach Police Comfort Children After Moms Overdose

A Boynton Beach, Florida, police officer reassured crying babies strapped into their car seats after their mothers overdosed on October 5.The police department released bodycamera footage showing the officer attempting to calm the two infants, ages one month and two months old, in the backseat of a vehicle. The mothers were taken to the hospital for medical treatment.Kristen O’Conner, 27, and June Schweinhart, 28, were charged with child neglect and taken to the Palm Beach County Jail after being released from the hospital, according to police. The two children were taken into custody by the Department of Children and Families after spending several hours at the police department. Family members later took custody of the two babies.Police said the women told officers they had met in a drug treatment program and bonded during their pregnancies. On that day, they purchased heroin and snorted it while inside the car with the children, according to police.One woman began to overdose, and the other called 911 before she started convulsing too. A bystander who saw what was happening took the phone and spoke with dispatchers. Credit: Boynton Beach Police Department via Storyful
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