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Funniest Thanksgiving Moments

Thanksgiving is a time for great food, quality time with family and friends, football, and most importantly… LAUGHS! This video features Thanksgiving pranks... like telling your kids that you’ll be cooking and eating them for dinner! Mwah-hahaha! Adorable kids explaining what they are thankful for, family games, kids trying turkey for the first time and much more! Enjoy this video compilation with your family and/or friends and/or pets! Below are the top 5 clips in this compilation. You might be thinking… all of these clips are amazing… what makes the top 5 better than the other clips? Well, the top 5 clips are super sharable and made me smile, laugh or tilt my head and say AWWWW! nnTop 5: n5. A couple of turkeys playing with their food (1:37)!! This clip is straight out of a Saturday Night Live or Late-Night sketch. These two are clowning around with their Thanksgiving meal. A guy has his hands behind his back while a blindfolded friend uses her hands to eat dinner. n4. Never have I ever had Turkey for dinner (0:47)!! In this clip, Sean tries Turkey for the first time, while his family records! Clearly, he is not a big fan… but he forced it down like a champ!n3. Flying Turkey prank (3:37)!! A mom pretends the raw turkey can fly and chases a toddler boy with it! His reaction is priceless! n2. Puppy loves Thanksgiving! (3:22)n1. “I’m glad I’m not a turkey for Thanksgiving” (4:05)nnCheck out these hilarious videos before giving thanks and stuffing your face! What family traditions do you and your family celebrate Thanksgiving? Which clip in this compilation is your favorite? Planning any Thanksgiving pranks for your family? Share your thoughts in the comment section below! Remember to submit your video to AFV!
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