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Man finds lost cat under his car bonnet

Amusing footage of a man finding a lost kitten under the bonnet of his car in Jerusalem, Israel. The video, shot on November 27, shows the man opening up the bonnet after he heard the cat squeak when he turned on the engine. Once free, the ginger kitten can be seen running away, visibly unhurt. "On my way to work I stopped at the bank. As I was parking I heard the loud squeak of a cat so I looked underneath the car to make sure I hadn't squashed a cat," the filmer wrote online. "I hadn't, so I assumed the cat had run away. When I started driving again there were loud squeaks so I realised that someone maybe lurking in the engine." "It had climbed into my car from the bottom and after lodging itself next to the battery couldn't get out again, until I valiantly rescued it," he added.
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