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Telling the Fortune of Ruby Lin’s Baby Daughter

Telephone InterviewCongratulations.Ruby Lin and Wallace Huo has a baby princess.We now have the fortunetellerTeacher Mengto tell us about the characteristics of the baby. Rubychooses to have the Caesarean at night on Jan. 6.The time of birthmeans the baby might attract men.She is loved by many since her birth.The number of suitors needs to be controlled,or she might run away with somebody.The baby has been related to Ruby for 3 generations.In the last generation she was Ruby’s mateand Ruby’s lover before that.So,A the two of them in the past generationsbelonged to each other.Now she becomes Ruby’s daughter.When Teacher Meng reads her Tarot cards,Ruby’s daughter is close to her mother,so close that even Wallace might be jealous.But the jealousy is sweet.It enhances affection.In the future the baby might have a talent for medicineor she might engage in overseas service.She will definitely be a doctor.We cannot see the past.But the baby means the love between Ruby and Wallace.She might help more people if she becomes a doctor.Then again,will the baby princess havea younger brother or sister?We ask Teacher Meng to read more. Between Sept. and Dec. in 2 years,during that time,Ruby might have a 2nd baby.It will also be a girl.
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