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That was close! Driver narrowly misses pedestrian after running red light

A driver jumps a red light and comes within inches of taking out a pedestrian in the English town of Reading. In the dash-cam video, captured on February 12, a woman crosses the road at a pedestrian crossing. The traffic lights are on red for approximately four seconds when a driver ignores the red and continues to drive. At the last moment, the woman spots the car ignoring the light and stops walking. After the car continues, the woman pauses for a moment and places an arm on her chest in shock. Another pedestrian, a man crossing from the other side of the road, is also forced to stop suddenly as the driver ignores the red light. Writes the filmer: "This has to be the luckiest woman in Reading and the stupidest all in one clip. "The driver was early twenties and she must have been distracted by something." ++CLIENTS PLEASE NOTE: THIS VIDEO HAS BEEN EDITED (SLOW MO)++ The raw version of the video can be found here:
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