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Triple waterspout forms off coast of island in the Philippines

A rare triple waterspout formed in front of a picturesque sunset on an island in the Philippines this evening (May 30). The mesmerising natural weather phenomenon amazed residents on Talim Island in Rizal province shortly after 6pm local time. Footage shows the long, thin funnels of water stretching down from a dark grey cloud into the ocean on the horizon. Hundreds of locals were transfixed as they watched the beautiful sight. The waterspouts, or elephant trunk tornadoes, dissipated after around five minutes. Resident Ray Malubay said: ''There were three waterspouts. It was the most amazing things I've ever seen in the sea.'' The triple waterspout was recorded from several different vantage points on the island. Some locals watched from roads or homes, while others captured the scene as they stood close to the beach. Marie Sanga added: ''The sunset was beautiful and with the waterspouts it was magical.'' Waterspouts are are intense columns of swirling clouds that form over a body of water. They are most commonly found in subtropical areas and disappear shortly after they come into contact with land or once the pressure has dissipated. They are also classified as a non-supercell tornado over water. The Philippines' humid Southeast Asian climate combined with fierce thunderstorms caused by rapidly changing area pressures and temperatures leads to waterspouts in coastal areas.
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