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Group of friends recreate Mario Kart in epic backyard battle

This was the awesome setup between a group of friends in Michigan, USA who recreated Mario Kart in one of their backyards. In footage from 2018, the group are seen using roman candles against each other while dressed up as characters from the hit game. The filmer explained: "We love Mario Kart, so I decided to build a track in my backyard and bring it to life. "We did a three-round elimination and the top three finishers took home trophies. "Since go-karts were too expensive, we made our karts out of cardboard and instead of turtle shells we used roman candles. "It was probably the funnest [sic] party I have ever had. "This video was taken last year in Belleville, Michigan - my backyard. "It's a very small town with nothing to do, so we often come up with crazy ideas like this, to help pass the time."



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