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The Best Cars For 2018

Road & Track Logo By Road & Track Staff of Road & Track | Slide 1 of 25: If I drive one Lotus in a year, that car pretty much automatically makes it on my list of favorites. But the Evora GT430 isn't just my favorite car I've driven this year, it might be the favorite I've driven any year. It's better and more characterful than a 911 GT3, plus it's the rare car that talks to you and wants you involved in the experience. One of the greats.- Travis Okulski, Site Director

Lotus Evora GT430

On the road you'll immediately notice one thing: This car talks to you. I don't mean that it literally says words. I also don't mean that the steering is communicative by modern standards. I mean it talks. The hydraulic rack is inch-precise and relays information quickly and accurately. It's not darty or nervous. An action by your hands produces an immediate, expected reaction from the front end.

That might not sound like a monumental achievement or even something worth celebrating, but consider the moment: There are currently so few new cars on the road that are both immediate and communicative, this deserves applause. And it's not only the steering. The brakes, the gearbox, the clutch, they all have the same desire to tell you what they're up to, like a platoon giving key information to a lieutenant.

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