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Nifty Minivan Camper Conversions Maximize Space Efficiency

motor1 logo motor1 2/20/2019 Anthony Karr
a car parked in front of a house: Oasis Campervans conversion

Turn your Toyota Sienna van into a motorhome.

Recreational vehicles are awesome – there’s no denying it. But most of them are quite expensive and even the more affordable offerings cost as much as a brand new car. Not everyone can afford that and a company called Oasis Campervans is trying to fill the entry-level camper segment by offering conversions to existing vans.

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More precisely, Toyota Siennas and select other minivans, which can be transformed into cozy, small motorhomes. The Colorado-based firm says its conversions are designed to “allow you to roam freely, stylishly, and comfortably” and feature a fully equipped kitchen, bedroom, and some storage space.

Oasis Campervans conversions© Provided by The Motorsport Network Oasis Campervans conversions

The Sienna may have seats to accommodate up to seven passengers but that transforms into a large bed for two with a mattress storing neatly on the passenger side of the cabin. It’s not the most spacious bed we’ve seen, but don’t forget you’ll be basically sleeping on the backseat of your everyday “soccer mom van.”

a car parked in front of a mountain: Oasis Campervans conversion© Oasis Campervans conversion

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Surprisingly, there’s enough room in the Sienna for a small kitchen that’s located just behind the bed and is accessible by the boot opening. It is equipped with a stainless sink with hand pump and a two-gallon water storage, trash can, cooler storage, and a few shelves. Further maximizing the cabin space, Oasis Campervans installs a utility compartment under the mattress and a zippered pocket behind the passenger side sliding door.

a car that is sitting on a table: Oasis Campervans conversion

Oasis Campervans conversion

The best part is that you can easily convert your van back to a regular passenger vehicle when you don’t need the camper equipment. The company says there are 20 bolts throughout the van that hold the cabinets in place and removing it should take you no more than 45 minutes.

The conversion process takes two to four weeks and Oasis Campervans says prices vary depending on the customer’s preferences.

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Source: Oasis Campervans


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