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Top Toyotas Enthusiasts Crave

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Top Toyotas Enthusiasts Crave

The mere mention of the word "Toyota" incites different responses from different people. The average consumer no doubt has visions of Corollas, Camrys, and Highlanders dancing in their heads -- safe, reliable, and affordable automotive appliances Toyota has become known for, designed to shuffle people from point A to B.

Then there are auto enthusiasts -- some Toyota lovers, others Toyota haters -- who remember the days when Toyota had the Celica, MR2, and Supra on the showroom floor. That's not to say today's Toyota is completely devoid of exciting products, but while it's difficult to find a set of wheels in Toyota's massive three-brand portfolio that elevates anyone's heart rate, they do exist. Lexus, for example, has the IS F and the LFA (yes, we know both are out of reach of the average enthusiast) and Scion has the tC (OK, maybe not a true heart-racer).

It's no secret Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda is determined to bring more excitement to Toyota's lineup. He would do well to check out our list of the top Toyotas for inspiration.

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