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2016 Chevrolet Camaro
2016 chevrolet camaro
2016 Chevrolet Camaro

2016 Chevrolet Camaro

18 / 27 mpg
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188.3 in.
53.1 in.
74.7 in.
Standard Engine
2.0 L 275 HP In-Line 4(xaxis)
275 HP
Standard Seating
110.7 in.

Expert Reviews

Motor Trend

2016 Chevrolet Camaro SS Long-Term Verdict

A deserving Car of the Year award winner—just a little hard to live with daily.
Motor Trend

2016 Chevrolet Camaro SS Update 2: Camaro's First Service

Road Trip Mileage and Cold-Start Issues
Motor Trend

2016 Chevrolet Camaro SS Arrival

After being chosen Motor Trend’s 2016 Car of the Year, the Chevrolet Camaro was destined to spend a year with us. Join us in welcoming our new long-termer.
Car and Driver

2016 Chevrolet Camaro SS Convertible Automatic

The quickest droptop pony car we've ever tested.
Motor Trend

Comparison: 2016 Chevrolet Camaro RS vs. 2016 Ford Mustang EcoBoost

We have before us two turbocharged four-cylinder ponycars, a Mustang and a Camaro, that can nearly keep pace with my teenage dream.
Car and Driver

2016 Chevrolet Camaro V-6 vs. 2016 Ford Mustang EcoBoost

Can a small turbo engine compete in this red-meat segment?
Super Street Online

2016 Chevrolet Camaro 2.0L Review

The Super Street crew get their hands on the new turbocharged inline-four-powered 2016 Chevrolet Camaro 2.0L.
Motor Trend

2016 Chevrolet Camaro Convertible, Camaro 2.0 Turbo First Drive Review

We spent a day sampling the new 2016 Camaro Convertible and Camaro 2.0 Turbo base model. Find out how they performed in this 2016 Camaro review.
Motor Trend

Comparison: 2015 BMW M4 vs 2016 Chevrolet Camaro SS

What if we put a 2016 Chevrolet SS up against the gold standard of Teutonic performance machines, the venerable BMW M4? Find out in this head to head here.
Motor Trend

2016 Chevrolet Camaro First Look

The sixth-generation Chevrolet Camaro will debut in front of applauding fans and a parking lot filled with cars from every generation of the famed ponycar.
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