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This Volkswagen Van Hoarder Is Selling 55 Volkswagen Westfalias for $350,000

The Drive logoThe Drive 2/18/2019 Rob Stumpf
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Car collectors are a strange breed. Sometimes, a vehicle will speak to a person through its driving characteristics, styling, engineering, or some other way that makes it impossible not to fall in love. After a while, you buy another to keep that feeling alive, and another, and another. And eventually, you end up with 55 split-window Volkswagen Westfalias in your backyard.

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We're not sure how a Canadian car collector hoarder named "Rob" ended up with this many Type 2s (and a few Vanagons), but we do know that his for-sale listing has us questioning our priorities and bank accounts. Over the weekend, Rob posted an ad showcasing his hoard of buses and offering them up to sale for the right buyer.

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For $350,000 (USD), or about $6,363.63 per bus, you could become the new owner of 55 Westfalia-converted T2s and Vanagon campers, perfect for someone who desires to go camping in a different vehicle every weekend. Alternatively, one could restore them and enjoy 55 slices of Volkswagen history. Despite some of the vans in the photos looking rather rough, Rob notes that every van is in "good restorable condition."

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The ad also boasts the most hardcore no-tire-kickers deterrent we've ever seen, as potential parties interested in purchasing the lot are subject to a $500 viewing fee, due in cash. Unfortunately, collectors without the full $350,000 seemingly won't be able to split the lot. Rob words the ad in a way that seems like he wants to sell them all at once, noting that someone "must buy and remove all of them." At the time of writing, Rob didn't answer The Drive's request for comment on the collection.

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Distinguishable as the "pop-top" Volkswagen Bus, the camper-converted vehicles, in particular, are sought after by collectors. The conversions were done by a company called Westfalia-Werke and gained popularity on the Volkswagen T2s and Vanagons. In addition to the pop-top roof, certain weekender amenities were fitted into the vehicle throughout the years, including cabinets, sinks, stoves, and refrigerators.

So, who's going all-in?


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