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1972 Plymouth Fury 400 Wagon Has Rustic Look, Doesn't Need Polishing logo 1/18/2022 Angel Sergeev

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A wide and wild American station wagon living its second life in the UK.

Friends, we have to admit we don’t talk enough about the golden years of the station wagon. We are living in an era when utilities of all kinds and sizes dominate the market but there was a time when every second family in the United States had a station wagon. Our tribute to the long-forgotten wagon mania comes in the form of this beautiful Plymouth Fury 400 Custom Suburban Station Wagon.

Sure, it’s not exactly what you probably expected. We really like classic cars in perfect condition, with unscratched paint, and restored interiors, though there’s something very special about an old car covered in a natural patina. This is exactly the case with this 1972 Plymouth, which is the star in one of the latest episodes of the Hand Built Cars series on YouTube. Let’s meet the owner.

Forgotten Plymouth Gems:

Mark has been passionate about American vehicles for at least 15 years and he generally sees no way in returning to cars produced outside the US. His latest purchase is the said Plymouth, which he acquired shortly after selling a beautifully restored 1959 Cadillac Coupe de Ville for personal reasons. He was looking for something completely different - a car he can drive on a daily basis without being afraid of scratching the paint - and he found all he ever needed with the Plymouth.

“It was used as a storage and the guy bought it to put motorcycle parts in it,” Mark explains in the video. “He loaded it to the gunnels with motorcycle parts. I put the car in a container, brought it over. It wasn’t registered in the UK, so I had to register it.”

The best thing about this car? The patina is a natural effect as the sun burnt off the color. Now Mark just looks after it and oils it once in a while instead of polishing it. Oh, you’ve probably guessed it already but Mark is actually located in the UK. So that's a large American wagon being driven on a daily basis in England. How awesome is this?

Source: Hand Built Cars on YouTube


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