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Autocon LA 2018

Super Street Online logo Super Street Online 5/1/2018 Rodrez

Inching ever closer to summer, the car show season is already in full swing for most of the country as we roll into May, and once again Autocon's car show tour returned to Los Angeles for another large scale event at the Convention Center.


Being that SoCal is inundated with a large number of car shows and meets, you can't help but wonder which brands will flourish and which will fall by the wayside as the calendar seems to get busier every year. One thing is for certain, organizers that grow enough of a following to take their show on the road in a tour-style format, like Autocon, tend to garner the largest turnout year over year.

The morning of the L.A. show, I arrived well before the doors opened in order to grab photos and avoid the crowds. I noted about five people corralled just before the metal detectors that, coincidentally, were still being set up. They were there first to wait in line for about 2.5 hours before the show started. I thought to myself they might feel foolish if this ended up being a dud, and they stood there for nothing. The doors opened at 1pm, right about the time I was finishing my job of collecting photos, and I was headed for the exit into the main lobby. What I was met with assured me that those five or so people had the right idea, as I witnessed thousands of people lined up to get into the show. That makeshift line in the morning turned into a small city, with a line that snaked through the entire convention center hall and just kept going.

Once inside, show goers were treated to a variety of builds the ranged from the mild street car to all out, trophy snatching show cars. It's not uncommon to see a domestic build or two at these shows but the number of American cars this time around seemed to increase dramatically. That goes for the Euro builds as well, where you could find as many supercars as you could GTI builds and Audi wagons. And just like every Autocon event, the main stage was set up for chosen cars to roll onto where the owners took the spotlight to talk about their build.

Making my way through the show, I started wondering if the number of cars in attendance could actually be increased exponentially if there were no widebody cars on hand taking up the extra square footage with their flared fenders and deep dish wheels. Of course, that's not possible in the current state of the enthusiast community and the majority of vehicles in attendance did in fact sport some additional girth. Still, Autocon packed in a large number of displays cars and vendor booths and there seemed to be a little something for everyone.

a car parked in a parking lot: Autocon LA 2018 Daniel Song Fairlady Z© Rodrez Autocon LA 2018 Daniel Song Fairlady Z

You saw Daniel Song's sexy Z-car on the premiere episode of JDM Legends and at Autocon L.A. it was parked right next to the Super Street Garage booth where we offered some of the latest SS apparel that you can find right here

a red car on display: Autocon LA 2018 Mr2© Rodrez Autocon LA 2018 Mr2 a close up of a car: 004Autocon LA 2018 Mr2 Interior© Rodrez 004Autocon LA 2018 Mr2 Interior

We've seen more first-gen. MR2 builds popping up over the last few years and this red example is one of the cleanest we've come across.

a man standing next to a car: Autocon LA 2018 Hakosuka Gtx Skyline© Rodrez Autocon LA 2018 Hakosuka Gtx Skyline

When Rick Ishitani isn't solving cases on the job as an LAPD detective sergeant, he's driving or showing his incredibly clean '71 Skyline GTX

a police car parked in a parking lot: Autocon LA 2018 Evo© Rodrez Autocon LA 2018 Evo a yellow and black truck sitting on top of a car: Autocon LA 2018 Evo© Rodrez Autocon LA 2018 Evo

Fernando once raised eyebrows with his controversial Bape-inspired camo vinyl wrap that covered half of his '06 Evo, and he's changed it up once again.

a car parked in a parking lot: Autocon LA 2018 Rx7© Rodrez Autocon LA 2018 Rx7 a red car parked in a parking lot: Autocon LA 2018 Mazda Rx7© Rodrez Autocon LA 2018 Mazda Rx7

Mazda's FD chassis RX-7 has always been praised and undeniably placed into the '90s hero category. This version, sitting on Enkei rollers and void of any tacked on fender armor, was one of our favorites of the show.

a red car parked in a parking lot: Autocon LA 2018 Fd Rx7© Rodrez Autocon LA 2018 Fd Rx7 a close up of a red car: Autocon LA 2018 Rx7 Fender Mirror© Rodrez Autocon LA 2018 Rx7 Fender Mirror

What would we change? Nothing. At all.

Autocon LA 2018 240Sx Coupe© Rodrez Autocon LA 2018 240Sx Coupe

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