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Installing the Vortech V-3 Si supercharger on a 2016 Camaro

HOT ROD logo HOT ROD 12/10/2017 Hot Rod Network Staff
001-vortech-V3-SI-supercharger-install-sixth-gen-camaro© Andrew Schwartz 001-vortech-V3-SI-supercharger-install-sixth-gen-camaro

As if the power picture couldn't get any better, a company like Vortech with its great reputation for making power comes up with the V-3 Si supercharger for the sixth-gen Camaro. The V-3 Si ("I" for improved) means a vastly improved V-3 for already fast/quick sixth-gen Camaros. The V-3 Si, available in black, satin, and polished finishes, employs a patented oil control system and centrifugal compressor to generate plenty of power without excessive amounts of destructive heat normally associated with superchargers.

What these refinements mean for you is a clearly better centrifugal supercharger that can be installed on your Camaro over a weekend. Vortech tells Chevy High Performance its centrifugal superchargers make more power than comparable Roots-style blowers via greater pressure, yield better flow, and hooks up via an aggressive cog belt. Translated, that means lots of boost and without belt slippage.

It is virtually impossible to show you every step in a V-3/sixth-gen Camaro installation. However, we're able to illustrate the highlights of what you can expect. Make no mistake, this is not a simple undertaking, which is why we stress following Vortech's instruction manual closely. As installation instructions go, Vortech's manuals are among the very best.

Responsibly installed and properly maintained, Vortech supercharger systems are performance-enhancing systems. In most cases, and with a healthy engine, increases in torque of 30-35 percent and horsepower between 35-45 percent can be expected with the boost levels specified by Vortech Engineering. This means keeping boost levels conservative going in and getting a professional tune before mashing the throttle. If there is any sign of detonation under hard acceleration it is strongly suggested you find and correct the reason for the detonation before operating your Camaro any further.

Tuner Kits are also available for the sixth-gen Camaro V-3 Si package. However, Vortech strongly recommends custom dyno tuning with these kits. We will tell you there's no substitute for a professional tune by a qualified tuner with the proper education and a lot of experience. CHP

Vortech V-3 Si Features

Vortech V-3 Si supercharger with 34-tooth drive pulley

3.60-inch jackshaft input pulley with 30-tooth output pulley

Manifold boost pressure is 7.0-7.5 psi on a stock LT1 engine

Stainless steel exhaust heat shield

Crankcase breather hose and connections

Billet aluminum and steel supercharger brackets

Mount includes multiple idler pulley adjustments and locations

Idlers, drivebelts, and all hardware

Air-to-air charge cooler (18.7x15.0x3.0 inches) with hardware and MAF

Mandrel-bent charge tubes

Stainless steel clamps and silicone coupling sleeves

Plug-and-play MAF extension harness

Vortech Maxflow Race Bypass Valve and filter


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