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Rare Auto Part Collection Valued at More Than $1.3M Headed for Auction

The Drive logoThe Drive 6/20/2018 Talon Homer
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Earlier this month, The Telegraph reported that shipping containers had been found containing a large assortment of spare parts for vintage cars from Ferrari, Maserati, and Abarth. British auctioneer Coys has taken on the task of cataloging the parts, and will be selling them piece-by-piece at an upcoming event.

The stockpile of found components includes wheels, pistons, and interior pieces made to fit such rarities as the Ferrari 250 GTO, the F40, and the Maserati 250F. Some of these parts are even unused and in their original packaging. This collection was clearly amassed by someone with an expensive taste for Italian race cars, but the owner has since passed away, and the shipping containers sat undiscovered for years.

A Ferrari F40 Momo Steering Wheel© Provided by TIME Inc. A Ferrari F40 Momo Steering Wheel

Coys director Chris Routledge told The Telegraph, “Something of this scale, and with the importance and rarity of the cars they are related to, is unprecedented. We are looking at at least [1 million pounds ($1.3 million)] worth of spares, probably more. I have never seen anything like it. Its an Aladdin’s cave which is going to excite people all over the world. There are wire wheels in their original wooden boxes, carburetors in their original oiled wrapping paper, exhaust pipes, radiator grilles, dashboards, the list goes on and on."

Various New-in-the-Box Ferrari Pistons© Provided by TIME Inc. Various New-in-the-Box Ferrari Pistons

The whole hoard can be found listed on the Coys auction webpage. All of it will be sold June 29 preceding the Coys auto auction at Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire, England. None of the items have a minimum reserve price placed on them, but the scarcity and condition of many of these components will surely attract buyers with deep pockets.

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