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Rigs of the Hammers: We Found These Cool Rigs Lurking in the Streets and Alleys of Hammertown at King of the Hammers 2018

Four Wheeler logoFour Wheeler 4/13/2018 Jered Korfhage

a truck is parked in the dirt: 001 Koh2018 Mail Jeep

001 Koh2018 Mail Jeep
© Jered Korfhage

It’s like buying a child a fancy birthday gift and watching them have more fun playing with the packaging. Even though we had the world’s toughest single-day off-road race roaring around us, we couldn’t help but spend a couple days patrolling the rows of campsites for some of the country’s most interesting off-road rigs. 

Lead Koh2018© Jered Korfhage Lead Koh2018

The King of the Hammers race is a weeklong event that draws tens of thousands of 4x4 enthusiasts to Means Dry Lake in Johnson Valley, California. UTVs, dirt bikes, stock rigs, and ultimately Ultra4 cars race throughout the week across barren desert and punishing rocks. What we found as fascinating as the racecourse action was the community of race fans that sprung up out of nowhere on the lakebed. They call it Hammertown. Tents and RVs, grills and campfires, and most important to us—one of the more eclectic gatherings of off-road vehicles we find all year.

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