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This McLaren Senna Could Crack $1 Million

Road & Track logo Road & Track 12/5/2021 Fred Smith
McLaren's most outlandish hypercar was an instant collectible. Is it worth seven figures? © Collecting Cars McLaren's most outlandish hypercar was an instant collectible. Is it worth seven figures?

When McLaren debuted the Senna back in 2017, it had two clear goals: On-track performance and collectible exclusivity. It hit those performance benchmarks with flying colors, proving itself as a hypercar that deserved its stated reputation as a GT car for the road. Three years after its debut, it seems plenty collectible, too.

mclaren senna © Collecting Cars mclaren senna

As a collectible item, the Senna is in a bit of an odd place. It is not nearly as important to McLaren as the P1, the world-beating hypercar they positioned as both their successor to the pantheon-worthy F1 and their competitor to the Porsche 918 Hybrid and Ferrari LaFerrari in the great hybrid hypercar wars of the early 2010s. It is, however, meant to be far more significant than the average 720S, a special and exclusive road-going track car given the name of the greatest driver to ever grace the McLaren team stables. That leaves it in an awkward middle ground, one between a particularly notable car and a museum piece from the moment it was built.

It makes cars like this, a blue 2019 Senna listed on Collecting Cars, a strange thing even among the hypercars of the world. The track focus means that most McLaren Sennas in existence will have low mileage already. This is not a car meant to be used as a grand tourer, after all. But this car's 934 miles are still notable, high enough that a driver who chooses to drive it further would be threatening the value with every additional mile but low enough that the "like-new" value is still there.

mclaren senna © Collecting Cars mclaren senna

But is it a million dollar car? At least two Sennas have sold at auction for over $1 million each, but both had an additional bit of collectability. One, sold at Barrett-Jackson for $1.45 million in 2019, was chassis #005 and finished in a memorable shade of purple. The other, a 600-mile example sold for $1 million on Bring A Trailer in February, was finished in a McLaren Special Operations exclusive color and featured factory-designed unique branding. This is simply a Senna, #376 of 500, resting on the laurels of an excellent original color and its stellar condition.

mclaren senna © Collecting Cars mclaren senna

Given how collectible the Senna has proven to be and how aggressive the market for ultra-collectible cars has been for the past year and a half, that could still make this a seven figure car. If you had the money, would you bid that high?

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