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Inspired by a Pine Cone: UPM Biofore Concept at 2014 Geneva

Motor Trend logo Motor Trend 3/4/2014 Frank Markus

One of the things we love about the “neutral” Geneva show, is that you can find cars here from unusual corners of the world—like Finland. The Biofore is a concept car designed to be fully street legal, meeting all applicable safety regulations. It has been holistically designed by Helsinki-based forest-products innovation company UPM in conjunction with Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences with ecology and sustainability in mind. It leverages the bio and forest industries (hence Biofore) in novel ways, and its exterior design is also forest-inspired -- by the pine cone.

UPM Biofore Concept Show Floor Rear View© Provided by MotorTrend UPM Biofore Concept Show Floor Rear View Many of a standard car’s plastic parts have been replaced by UPM’s ForMi material, which is manufactured from pure polymers and wood pulp, a compound that is reportedly safe, odorless and uniform in quality. Others are replaced by the company’s UPM's Grada thermoformable wood material and UPM Formi cellulose fiber biocomposite. Even the adhesive on labels in the interior and spare parts will be UPM Raflatac material. And genuine wood is used liberally on the dash, door panels, floor, and even the pedals.

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Power comes from a diesel engine fueled with UPM BioVerno, a wood-based renewable diesel fuel derived from the waste products of the pulping process in paper making. It therefore has an 80 percent lower carbon footprint than conventional petro-diesel. Like many of the concepts shown in Geneva, this one is meant to showcase the potential for new technologies. UPM does not intend to put the Biofore into production, but rather hopes to interest the automakers visiting Geneva in putting the technologies into production.

UPM Biofiore Concept Show Floor Front Side View© Provided by MotorTrend UPM Biofiore Concept Show Floor Front Side View

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