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This Supercharged Custom Proves Builder Lynn Ashcroft Has More Than Beginner's Luck

Cycle World Logo By Allan Girdler of Cycle World | Slide 1 of 4: Lynn Ashcroft's supercharged custom.

Lynn Ashcroft's supercharged custom.

This beginner builder doesn't get mad, he gets even

This article was originally published in the August-September 1998 issue of Cycle World's Big Twin magazine.

Until five years ago, Lynn Ashcroft was your basic sort of attorney. He’s a trial lawyer, usually for the defense, and belongs to one of the major law firms in Salem, Oregon.

And while he’s always been what the school crowd calls “mechanically inclined,” the extent of his involvement in such things had been limited to fooling with cars in his youth some 20 or so years ago.

Then, for the same illogical reasons that have beguiled all of us, Ashcroft discovered Harley-Davidsons.

He bought an FXR and immediately concluded that it seemed capable of improvement. He got an aftermarket frame, revised the bike his way and got a trophy in a local show.

While he was packing up to leave that show, he overheard a disgruntled rival make a sarcastic remark about beginner’s luck, as if Ashcroft had stumbled into the win.

Oh yeah? he thought to himself.

So, he built another custom, and this one won its class at Cycle World’s Seattle show. Then he got really serious. The bike you see here is the result. What most of us see first is the one-piece body, sculpted in steel and comprising the seat, rear fender and tanks.

Next on the impact scale has to be the supercharger, neatly installed behind the engine. Then there’s the electronic fuel injection, the easily accessed tuning controls, the one-sided swingarm...enough, already.

This is a dazzling piece of work, and of art; but because it was done by an amateur with no professional training, it’s most useful to trace the motorcycle’s progress. 

© Brian Blades

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