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Alfa Romeo Nuvola, Alfa Romeo Museum, Arese, Lombardy, Italy, Europe

The Alfa Romeo Cloud is a concept car produced by Italian automaker Alfa Romeo and exhibited at the Paris Motor Show in 1996. The car has a 2-seater berlinetta body which is based on a self-supporting frame mechanized, architecture allowing for obtain different volumetric solutions. The Cloud, in addition to being a style exercise, it is therefore also the basis for an innovative concept of versatility of the vehicle, which reduces production costs while allowing, to obtain vehicles with bodywork totally different, while maintaining a single frame departure. This philosophy was received with much astonishment from the audience: it was very difficult to believe that the two-seater sports coupe could be converted into a family starting from the same frame. This design solution nowadays is increasingly being used by the car manufacturers that focus on different markets and that therefore the need to have versatile platforms. The design of the car body was produced by Centro Stile Alfa Romeo, at the time overseen by Walter de Silva, which participated actively Wolfgang Egger, Carlo Giavazzi, Filippo Perini (for the exterior), Arcangelo Jeker, Daniele Masera (for the interior ) and other members of the old style. The car was presented in color blue because Paolo Cantarella, at that time managing director of the Fiat group, decided not want to expose this car with the classic red Alfa: therefore he chose "blue cloud", which is also very present in chromatic tradition of the Milanese. The cloud name was given to the vehicle to remind the pilot Tazio Nuvolari and to give the idea of ​​lightness, and therefore speed, as well as for the ability of the clouds to change shape rapidly (which recalls the solution adopted for the frame). The Cloud has many stylistic references to historical Alfa Romeo, as the 8C 2900, the 6C 2500 "Villa d'Este", the Giulietta Sprint Speciale and the 1900 Sprint, although adapted to a contemporary line. The vehicle is characterized by an optical group formed by four round headlights incorporated in as many drops hollowed directly in the vehicle body, very elongated almost to transmit the speed of the water droplets during a rain shower. The direction indicators also take up the shape of the headlights, but are covered with orange elements in transparent plastic. The fog lights are instead placed in two large "mustaches" dug in the front bumper (in doing so the bumper there seems to be keeping the clean lines of the car), and very close to the Alfa Romeo shield. This solution was taken up in 2003 by the same Alfa Romeo with the Kamal concept. The car is characterized by a front bonnet very long, balanced by a rear-tailed very projecting, almost forming a third volume. The latter is tapered and contains two optical groups from almost elliptical shape which utilize light emitting diodes. In the rear the two profiles that enclose the tailpipes are embossed recovering the "mustache" of the front bumper. Particular curiosity concerns the tread of the tire, characterized by a drawing made by Michelin exclusively for the Alfa Romeo; the wheels are 18-inch Michelin tires 235/40 ZR. The size of the Alfa Romeo Nuvola are 4,286 mm length, 1,859 mm width and 2,600 mm pitch. Roadways are 1,577 mm (the front) and 1,602 mm (the rear). The engine is a V-6 cylinder 2.5 L (2.492cm³) of a cylinder, twin-turbo to 60 degrees in the front position capable of delivering 300 hp at 6,000 rpm and 386 Nm at 3,000 rpm. Traction is a 4-wheel drive, while the 6-speed manual gearbox. The engine is able to get the model to 100 km / h acceleration in just over 5 seconds. The top speed of the house is 280 km / h. In the field of gaming, The Cloud is one of the cars used in video games SCAR - Squadra Corse Alfa Romeo and World Racing 2.
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