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Bugatti Recalls Chirons In U.S. For Issue With Side Airbags

motor1 logo motor1 7/20/2018 Chris Bruce

Bugatti al Salone di Ginevra 2018

Bugatti al Salone di Ginevra 2018

It only affects 2 of the hypercars in the country, though.

There's bad news for a pair of Bugatti Chiron owners in the United States because a recall affects their hypercars. According to a filing from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a heat shield for the side airbags might not have the proper installation. If the safety device deploys, "the heat generated could under certain external temperature conditions reduces the performance of the airbag," according to the Agency's report.


Key Safety Systems manufactured the affected side airbags from at a factory in Romania. According to NHTSA's chronology of the defect, Bugatti discovered the problem during a "production test of airbag deployment under high-temperature conditions." The firm found burn traces next to the airbag's gas generator. A further investigation showed that Key Safety Systems had incorrectly assembled the gas generator's heat shield. 

The two affected Chiron owners in the U.S. don't really need to worry about the problem. Bugatti's Flying Doctors will contact the customers personally and will handle setting up the repairs. The fix will include shipping the seats to the factory in France for a check. Examples with faulty side airbags will go to the seat supplier for a complete repair. As with any recall, Bugatti will cover all of the repair costs.

The hypercar maker has already checked all of the seats still in its position. The company has added a green dot beneath the airbag label to denote the chair's inspection.

Safety is paramount in hypercars because if something goes wrong, it's probably going to happen at high speeds. Bugatti is currently working on an even more hardcore Chiron under the Divo moniker that could carry a gargantuan, $5.8 million asking price.

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